Saturday, July 6, 2013 | By: Unknown

3 Months Post-Surgery

Unfortunately, less writing has been happening because I have been back to work for almost a month now and going to the gym quite often.

I feel fantastic; better than I have in almost 2 years. The only struggles I have is my scar is hypertrophic, my scar tissue can hurt and well, my skin is itchy. Otherwise, I am a happy person.

I see the surgeon for the last time till next year on the 8th. Hopefully I hear all good news. I have been doing my best to eat well and exercise at least 3-4 days a week. My job is not exactly easy, I am on my feet all day.

Certain foods seem to not settle well; which I know can be do to the surgery having been recent or my lack of gallbladder. For now, I eat what I used to eat and just be careful or cut out the foods that don’t sit well. Eating big heavy meals make me feel nauseous, so I am trying to eat smaller meals more often and chugging back water. It helps a lot.

When it comes to exercising post-surgery:

  • Walking really helps. They tell you do that after surgery and I find that days I don’t exercise or go for a walk my abdomen gets stiff.
  • Work on strengthening your abdomen. It sucks, but I find that I cannot lift all that much because my abdomen can’t support it.
  • Don’t give up. I feel fantastic, but I know I have to draw the line and prevent myself from hurting.
  • Don’t expect to feel 100%. I have difficulty with this. I want to be 100%, but as the hubby says I am about 80-90%.

For those that don’t know or remember, I had my incision split open. It put me back about 2 weeks, but it is no problem now. I am using bio-oil on the scar and have seen great improvement.

All I can say is stay positive and it’ll help. All I have to do is see what my liver and abdomen look like next year, more out of curiosity to see what it looks like.