Sunday, March 25, 2012 | By: Unknown

Ideas and Books Never Planned Out in Advance

While checking my writers site thingy I discovered that people have their books entirely planned out. I mean every chapter has an outline.

Either I am a horrid writer or am just a different type. Nothing is set in stone for my books. Ever. Having that much planned out to me seems to be unnecessary and forced.

I get an idea, like everyone else, but I don’t force out the rest of the story before it has even evolved yet. It takes time. Sure, the main idea is there and some important features, but its not an essay.

I find that when people put so much effort into the outline of the book it looses touch with the readers and writers. When writing one would want to stick to the plan and not let it wander.

I say let it wander. Most book ideas come from my dreams. If anything important needs to happen with or in my story it would appear in my dreams, whether its daydreaming at work or sleep dreaming. Like the two books I am working on. One scared the crap out of me. Well, most do.

What I am saying is, if you are an anal person and cannot do anything unless it is strictly planned out, creative writing may not be easy for you. If some can do this, good for them. My opinion is that it would just ruin the flow of the book. Try just writing. It can work just as easily.

I always let books take me where they want to go. I suck at writing, but I can follow what things want me to do. Right now, they want me to relax my mind and write later tonight.

Sunday, March 18, 2012 | By: Unknown

Book Idea and Editing

With every complete book I tend to go through a week lull. This is where I let my mind go free. Yes, I just considered my mind a separate entity.

I finished typing my book last Monday. It was just over 76k. A solid chunk of words in my opinion.

My editing shall begin tomorrow. The least favourite part of my writing. I hate editing, I tend to add more to the stories and that is never good. More is not always better, but it happens a lot to me. My last novel grew by over 3k.

Editing is important, it then allows me to self-publish my book. I like owning my own copy. No offence to some writers I know that just write to try and get a big publishing company to publish them, I like it for myself. So, editing is my next step, a long step at that.

Oh yes, what is this book idea? It seems that during my down week where my brain rests my brain wanted to create a new book idea. Right now I am trying to feel it out.

Book ideas come and go. In order to make sure it can turn into a novel, like Murder Never Dies, is by writing out a small chunk. This way I can get a feel for the characters and plot.  I have a couple novels where I get over 30 pgs. in and other novels take over my attention. It happens to writers…I hope.

Maybe it is just me. I can start books, but continuing them is the issue. I dabble a little with the one book I have been writing for a couple years as passing the time until other books become more important. This one is a little different. Surrounded by revenge. Not typical revenge though. More driven. There is nothing to gain. Just satisfaction. Well, thus far anyway.

I’ll give it a couple of days to see how I feel about it. I’ll let you guys know how it goes. Back to writing. Tomorrow is the beginning of editing. Busy days off ahead!

Sunday, March 11, 2012 | By: Unknown

Ten Pages Away From Finishing Typing and I Stop

What the hell, right? Well…never mind I have no explanation.

Sure, I can blame being in immense pain, but I have had time since my Mom typed up some of my book for me. Lack of motivation? Nope, because I write. Distracted with Game of Thrones and Mass Effect 3 watching? Nope, Game of Thrones is finished and I can multi-task with Mass Effect 3 on.

What’s wrong with me? Nothing, out of the ordinary anyway.

Fine, I will tell the reason. Once I finish typing that means I will have to edit. And, when I mean edit I mean add a lot, take out a little and leave it for a couple weeks. Then I edit and then my brother will edit and another book will be done. After that I will start writing more to finish another book and have to decide what book next to type up.

See? The never-ending process of being a writer on the side. It’s madness.

It’s not like back in high-school where I had a class dedicated to writing in Gr. 12. That’s right, I had an entire class dedicated to creative writing and I loved it. Now that I just work all the time I am old and have to be in the mood to write and end up treating it like a second job that maybe pays me $100 a year.

All right, all right. I know I said I do the writing for me, but seriously, why can’t I knit like my mom and make something useful? All I could ever knit was scarves. And I have lost all my wood-carving skills that my grandpa taught me. One day I hope that returns.

Gr, you found out I went off topic. But, yes, hopefully tomorrow I will complete my typing. There, be happy everyone. I can just sense my brother going “Hurry up already”, even though I don’t think he reads my blog. And well, the hubby has the best approach, “Do what you want to do.” With that, I shall think of a new book idea…maybe. murder cover

I can sense another one, so maybe I will do a bit of that story, read a little and maybe work on a story that has been kicking around for 3 years that I just need to keep writing. I’m already 60some pages in, so the continuing of that is easy.

Back to being productive I go. Here is the new book cover for Murder Never Dies. The hubby helped me fix it to make it look better. Sometimes I keep him around for help.

Friday, March 2, 2012 | By: Unknown

Back From Writing Coma

Not an actual coma, but I did spend a lot of time writing. I was determined to finish my 16th book. It was driving me crazy….more crazy than usual.

When I get near the end of the book it pretty much haunts me to finish it. It’s a world needing completion. People think I am insane and I am starting to agree.

So, with this book complete I took an updated picture of my completed novel collection.



Most of the novels have 2 and from the bottom up it is through the years 2000-present time. That’s right everyone, I’ve been writing since I was 12.

Well, good news to all that have been giving me sh** for not finishing typing up Murder Never Dies, that will now start up again with Control Me being completed.

I am sorry if this post is short and boring, but my mind is going everywhere. I get all hyper for finishing one book and now want to finish the other so my brother can edit it since he so volunteered. Muahahahaha….he’s screwed….just kidding.

I guess I better go put on a pot of tea and get to typing. 60k typed, hopefully less than 30k to go…shoot me.

Thought to self…May need new hobby.