Tuesday, September 25, 2012 | By: Unknown

Nearing an end

As always, well, not so much as always, but I am getting close to finishing The Selected. It is going to be a much shorter book, probably just over 200 pages typed up. I know, I know, clearly I have not rambled enough. I just feel like this book doesn’t need to be that long. I may add more, but I won’t be typing this book up till next year.

With nearing the end with this book I am thinking of the sequel. I know, bad, terrible, etc. I like these characters, and know that this book cannot be it. I want to do more with them, if I can do it. If not, the book is just fine on it’s own.

Also, I am back to work, so my writing amount has decreased. It is to be expected with the first few weeks because my body needs to adjust to working. It’s tough. I am exhausted every day I come home and am in pain. Soon, I plan to write to distract me and to prolong when I go to sleep.

Some people say finishing a novel is easy. I find it a little bit of both: easy and hard. It’s easy because I know where I want to take it; hard because I don’t like letting go of a book. You get attached to the characters. It’s weird because in real life, I don’t get clingy, just with my writing. The only difference between this book and any other one is that I probably won’t take a break between writing this one and the next one. I don’t know how many books will follow this one, but I doubt I will really take much of a break between writing them. Only time may be to type up another novel…which I should be kind of doing now. Ultimate procrastination.

Oh! This is what happens when you get writers block and want to procrastinate:

New novel


Not that great, but it works for me. It shows the basis of where the novel takes place in 2065. I am not good with graphics, but the logo works for me. It’s supposed to be a patch worn on a uniform. Don’t criticize me for my lack of skill to create this.

Time to go back to writing it. I am thinking I have about 10-20 pages left, depending how fast I want this to happen. Knowing myself, the action parts will happen fast. I hate too much filler. I admit, I sound like a broken writer. All right, enough rambling. Must write, then bed.

Thursday, September 13, 2012 | By: Unknown

It’s My 100th Post!

justwrite2 That is right everyone! I have rambled for 99 posts already, and here is my 100th. Most people are exhausted about me talking about my writing, but this is why I created this blog. I don’t want to keep forcing my writing hobby upon others, so I let those that want to read about it the option to.

I love that picture. It is great and should help other writers…I hope.

What better way to celebrate my 100th post with the advice people have given me, without my wanting of it:

1. Get published. We need someone rich and talented in this family.

2. Why write? It’s boring and lonely.

3. If you don’t want to get published, what’s the point?

4. There must be something better to do with your time.

5. Your writing needs to improve greatly, but I don’t know why.

6. I’ve always wanted to write a novel, but I don’t want to be like you.

7. Go ahead and keep writing your novels. My one, great novel will get me somewhere some day.

8. Just shut up already.

That is all I can remember that isn’t too insulting. Writers get so much crap for what we do. I still have a job, so I am not one that parents tell their kids not to be. I am okay with people telling me to shut up. I understand. Growing up it was what I did and I never forced it upon people. With the technology out now my hobby is in everyone’s face.

I honestly suck with advice. I can encourage and explain things, but giving other writers advice I am terrible with. Who am I to offer that? My education never touched on Creative Writing. I wish it did.

For this blog post, I will keep it short and sweet. I want to know if you could offer any advice to a writer, what would it be? I  want only positivity people. Nothing negative.

My advice: Write what you want despite what other people think. Writing is for yourself. The readers will come later on.



Monday, September 3, 2012 | By: Unknown

Writing a Sequel/Trilogy/Series

Untitled1 Seeing as the last post about writers attacking writers, this was the main reason people got attacked. For a recap, here are two of the responses that people have given:

  • “If you try to sell the first of a trilogy, and you are not an experienced writer, I can practically guarantee you will do a poorer job than if put as much work into a truly stand alone book. Why? Because for one thing, you'll be holding back for books two and three. Second, you'll leave dangling plots to bootstrap your second book -- bad idea.”
  • “Forget sequels until you are published. Thinking of sequels will corrupt your writing, if you start leaving loose ends to carry into a sequel. Publishers balk at any mention of series or sequels by unpublished writers. They want to see writers with more than one idea, not ones trying to capitalize on the same characters and setting. And if you leave little coupling points in your story, they WILL notice. It makes your story look ragged.”

There were other responses, but these two were ones that got attacked for being rude. Now, my take on this.

You want to write more than one book that relates to a novel then go right ahead. What is the harm? Why should we as writers hinder other writers from doing this? Most of us cannot even begin to think of getting published yet because novels need to be written and edited first.

I, as a writer, have written a sequel to a novel and plan to write a 4-novel YA series. Is it set in stone? No, because I am trying to finish the first novel and get a feel for that. The first novel must be great because it has to set the scene for the rest of the novels, and it has to be good enough that if the rest of the series is not that great it can be a stand-alone novel.

Writing a novel is hard enough, why be assholes and bitches and try to stop people from writing? I want more people to write novels. It is a fantastic feelings and something to be proud about. I am proud of writing a novel. I am proud after every novel I have completed. So, in order to see what I could find about writing a second book or series I found a lot of mixed reviews. A lot of people say that this will not get you published.

Here is one comment that is confusing that I found:

  • Now don't get me wrong. If your primary writing goal is to have fun: more power to you! Write a fifteen book interconnected series and don't let anyone tell you your front lawn swallowed a neighbourhood dog. If, however, your goal is to be published, writing a sequel to an unpublished, self-published, or under-published book is probably not your best strategy. Placing a book these days is really really hard. Placing a sequel to an un/self/under-published novel is virtually impossible, no matter how good it is.Unless, of course, the sequel can stand on its own. And I don't mean squint your eyes, fudge some plotlines, and nudge nudge sure thing it can stand alone. I mean it can completely and utterly stand alone and you can credibly pitch it as the first book in a possible series. In that case, well, just pitch it as the first book in a possible series and don't mention the one in the drawer.

Going back to my “publishable” rant. I hate writers that go: “I am writing a novel to get published and that be my job”.

Hold up, wait a second. First of all, writing should be something you want to do for yourself. You want to write a series and spend all this time in that world, it has to be more for you than for anyone else. You are going to build those attachments and have the same feelings as your characters. Second, it is so hard to get published nowadays you may end up self-publishing at first, or in general. Lastly, thinking that a series will be the only way to get you published you are wrong. Publishers do like a series, more money if it is good, but you must write it first.

I do have faith that people can do it, I just don’t appreciate when people think novel-writing is just a way to earn a living and then attack others. Write for yourself. If you have such a great idea that can lead to a sequel or more novels, go for it. Don’t get self-conscious when people tell you not to. And don’t think: “Wow! This will so get me published.” Instead think, “I have to write another novel because I love these characters and want them to go through this.”

Okay, okay. I am done ranting. To some this up: Write whatever you want as long as you put yourself as the main reason for writing. This is for your enjoyment and should be something you like to do. Writing is not easy, other writers can be down-right nasty and publishing is well, tough. Never give up hope that your novels are/will be great.