Monday, May 23, 2011 | By: Unknown

Some Days I Wish I Was an Artist

Writing is a form of art, according to some people. This instance I am referring to painting, drawing and sketching. I have always placed great value in that type of artistic talent and admire anyone that can do it.

Why is this appearing on my blog? I can visual scenes of my books in my head, see what is happening. Yet, I cannot express it properly or fast enough to keep the image in my head.

As a child I could paint, and my mother sometimes mentions that. But, over time writing took that place and that painting ability was lost.

I love writing and I hate it at the same time. Too many opinions. Too many people wanting a writer to do something out of the norm.

Painters, drawers and sketchers do all their work for themselves. No need to ever sell any art worldwide. It’s just for them. Because of this, I am adopting that theory.

Sure, I have self-published two books, but that was mainly to have physical copies of my book for myself, my family and friends. What it comes down to is, I need to return to writing for myself and no one else. I used to write 3 novels a year in high school. Now, it takes nearly one year to write a book of the same length. I get distracted more now then I did before.

This summer I plan to refocus my attention for my writing. Try to change it back to the way it was, except for I will include the hubby more instead of blocking him out like I did back when we were friends in high school.

Challenges will arise, including my horrible talent of procrastination, but I will succeed. If I cannot be an artist and have beautiful works around my place (although, I would really enjoy being able to display my talent instead of concealing it in a storage container), I mine as well be a writer and fill empty journals with words.

Back to battling procrastination. Let’s hope we get the storms we are supposed to get in the Niagara Region. The smell and sound of rain, the flash of lightning and the crack of thunder spark my imagination.

Thanks for listening to my rant. Writers are amazing, but so are artists.

Friday, May 13, 2011 | By: Unknown

I’m a Writer and I Don’t Write all the Time

Ha! What writer writes all the time? No, I am not meaning taking a break to eat, shower, sleep, go to the washroom and watch one’s favourite T.V show. I am meaning going days or more without writing.

No person is mad to write all day, every day. If people can do this, give me your hands because my knuckles always hurt if I type or write too long.

My normal amount of writing each day differs between none at all-30 pages. Big gap, but realistic. Life is busy and takes away from my hobby. I understand that some people write for a living, so in a sense, they are not included in this because for aspiring novelists, like myself, writing is more of a hobby.

I have joined a few writing sites and have noticed that people make it seem like they write all the time. But, I find that the people that write all the time (and are not getting paid) are doing it not for themselves. People need to realize that writing is mainly for oneself.

I wrote two pages today. Will I write more? That I do not know. I do have other interests that can take over my time. For those writers that do write all the time, make room every day, or take an entire day or two to do something for yourself.

Sunday, May 8, 2011 | By: Unknown

Let’s get going

Ugh. Lack of motivation. Hi, my name is Megan, and I have a problem motivating myself. With summer approaching, work, going to the gym, and enjoying time with friends, writing gets pushed aside. It happens, and I am sure I am not alone.

Writing is my hobby, not my end-all be-all. I don’t walk around and tell everyone “I write novels” with some sort of arrogance. (I know people who do this, but in other genres)

So, by reading new blogs, and enjoying the warm breeze, I feel myself getting motivated again. Maybe if I write more I can sleep better, seeing as no matter what time I go to bed at I wake up before 7:30, causing me to wake up the husband.

This year, I am going to spice up my summer and writing. I am going to set goals. I know, I know, I commented on not setting goals too much. But, I am choosing a practical goal. I want to finish writing the novel I am working on…and name it.

If I really want to push it, maybe get the guts to write and submit my manuscripts to agents and publishers.

Well, I hope my summer writing goal is not that far-fetched. I am sure others have some sort of summer goals, writing or not. Let’s hope we all reach our summer goals. Now, back to writing I go, this time, I mean it.

….I can feel procrastination setting in. Uh-oh.