Saturday, September 24, 2011 | By: Unknown

Bullying Movement

Finally, something is being done about it, but it does not cover it all.
Recently, Hedley’s new song featuring P. Reign called “Invincible” has hit home with me. It is hard to talk about, the only two main people that know about my past is my husband and my mom. My father knows some, but not all that much.
I was bullied and it is seen in my writing as my grandma points out.
Sure, I was bullied in high school like most people at one point. The bullying I experienced and still somewhat experience at the age of 23 is from my older sister. What people do not take into account is that bullying starts at home most of the time and it goes unnoticed. Most of the reasons I was bullied was because I was the scapegoat and still am with some things. Yet, I know how to counter them. I can rely on my mom to voice it and my hubby. They understand and watch me go through it.
How come it is in my writing? I went through therapy in high school where I was told the reason for my stress, suicidal thoughts (at that time) and anxiety was mainly because of my sister. Therapists solution: keep writing. Writing helps me escape and become the person I am.
Over time, the hubby helped me change my writing from being always a depression release to be a happy release.
So, I still write. I look at all that I did wrong growing up. I was not a perfect child, but the bullying I endured was not needed. From that experience I am what I am now. I am tough. I have people who love me. I have my writing and have done well. A degree. A graduate certificate.
If people read this and want to criticize and call it sisters, trust me, it was not that. I wish it were just that.
This is a pretty big post for me. It reveals a lot about my past that I do not like to share with others. Its tough. But, because of it, I have grown. In a sense, I feel invincible. I have hopes and dreams no one can crush.
Well, back to writing. Not to relieve sadness, but because I am happy.
Here is the song. Support the movement. Keep writing if it is what you want to do.
Wednesday, September 21, 2011 | By: Unknown

Thinking of Titles For New Novel

HELPI know, its terrible. I can write novels, but I am terrible at giving them a title.
I was debating about this in my last blog post and have decided it is time to think of names. Now is everyone’s chance to help or ignore.
My novel is still in the works and is adapting, so it can change. Yet, having a title can help steer the story.
All right, time to give a little information to help determine the title. Sorry that I am not going to give much, but I am still writing and do not want to risk my idea/work being picked up by someone else who likes it. One never knows what the internet can have lingering.
The novel is about a woman who is wanted by several groups of people all from different countries. She is wanted to do harm and be controlled. In order to survive she relies on help from one man. Together they travel, fight and hide from the people chasing her. Gathering information, monitoring any groups movements they rely on her abilities and his skills with weapons to survive.
That is all I am giving away. 180pgs in and its still writing well.
So, people, post away with any ideas. I am free for people to even include single words that should be included. I will do my best to think of some myself. Maybe I will get people to vote.
Well, back to writing like I have told myself I am going to do. No work tomorrow morning; however, I have to battle the want of sleep.
Keep writing, keep reading, never stop gaining knowledge. (No, not my title of my new book.)
Monday, September 19, 2011 | By: Unknown

To Write or to Type?…That is the Question

I have been telling myself that I will blog more, but the life of a writer is not as amusing or full of interesting things to talk about.
I write. Its not like I can describe everything I write about every day or couple of days. That would give away my story and bore people.
To change up my writing, and to give my hand and mind a break from writing too much I am considering typing up my novel Murder Never Dies. This novel was a pleasure to write, but will more then likely be a pain-in-the-ass to type up.
My handwriting is not neat and I tend to miss words and use poor grammar. It happens when you write what you think and not spend hours trying to edit right away.
There is another option if I chose to continue writing: give my current novel a title. I suck at giving my books titles. It is hard to do. I know it is just a working title because I would not be upset if someone wanted to change the majority of them. Nevertheless, if I put enough attention into it, I could name the book.
Being 175pgs into my current novel one would think I could name it. Nope. No way. Its taunting me. So, if I cannot name it, nor spend too much time writing it, I guess typing would be a good idea.
See how boring the turmoils of a writer is? Type or write?
Yes, I know I write my books out by hand, otherwise it would not have been an issue deciding what one to do. It would have been easier to alternate. But, I will continue to write. See how much more I can get done before I need a break.
And I promise, less graphic, seeing as too many people are complaining that 1440 was far too graphic.
Thursday, September 8, 2011 | By: Unknown

No Sole Protagonist

Finally I have figured out a blog topic. Generic, maybe. Specific to my writing, you bet.

Why am I saying no sole protagonist? Because I do not write like that. There is nothing wrong with the writers that chose to have only one protagonist leading their story along.

To me, having two is a good number. It allows for interaction and the effect of working together and not alone. It is ironic to my life. I am one that is very independent and think its a one-man-show as my hubby tells me, yet I have no issue writing about a team.

Over time I have developed personal ways of working with two and not being into doing everything myself. I guess my writing has influenced my personal life. Nevertheless, what are the advantages of having two protagonists?

  1. More interaction and dialogue. It allows readers to feel a part of the conversation.
  2. Less filler because you have two ways to focus the novel on. It does not have to focalize about both in the same place, it can branch out and then meet up, or never meet up.
  3. Realistic. In mystery/thriller/suspense writing, it is near impossible to figure out everything through one person. If there is a madman after you, you are not going to confront them on your own, you bring others you rely on.
  4. Most people work better in partners. If it works in reality, it should work in novels. Look at jobs, schools, home. Pairs or groups.
  5. Neither character has to be good or evil. It’s up to the writer.

Okay, so if this were an essay I failed. Miserable evidence…blah, blah, blah.

Honestly, I get bored just writing about one character. A lot of ‘I’s make it boring. ‘I was here’, ‘I was there’.

Sure, my one protagonist is more prominent than my other protagonist, but both are required to make the story work. My current work would be boring if it had one protagonist.

Some of the greatest works, and the popular novels I read now have two protagonists. You could argue that it is one and not two, but trust me, there are two.

For those writers who focalize on writing with one protagonist, give writing about two a shot. I have done both and find two is much easier. Better dynamics.

Well, back to writing. The more journals I use, the more journals the hubby will let me buy on our vacation in over a month.