Wednesday, January 25, 2012 | By: Unknown


I am going to admit something very serious. I care more about inspiring people than getting published. Why? Well, getting published is far too much work and like I said, writing is a hobby. Sure, I do it everyday and don’t get paid, but it is more for me.

Why do I care about inspiring others?

Writing has been something I have been doing all my life. If people close to me want to start writing in any genre or form, I want to be able to support. In the past year I have helped inspire two people. One, a complete stranger, another a very close friend.

I own around 40 empty journals, so if a friend is close to me I select one or two journals from my own collection and give it to them. It is my only form of assistance. Sure, I am in groups about writing and help with ideas, but that is not the same as being able to give a part of me.

Also, if people want to write, I want them to write better than me. I know, I know, that is easy because of my style of writing and the genre I write in. I am a realist.

My novels as a whole can be inspiration because well, they are complete. The content, I hope are not inspirational. My books are more, um…horrifying in a sense. Maybe the characters can be inspirational because I tend to work on them and the plot the most. But, the actual writing, not so much. So, I tell people, if I can write a novel, anyone can. And I mean that.

If I can be of inspirations to others I am happy. I get inspired all the time by people and that helps fuel my writing. People can say a phrase, or help build an idea for my writing.

Inspiration is everywhere. I know, a generic line, but it is true.

Well, back to writing. Inspiration is still there for me.

I just wonder, do people like inspiring others? Also, what type of inspiration is there to help you as a writer?

Friday, January 20, 2012 | By: Unknown

Bad News Trumps Good News…Sadly

Yesterday the hubby told me fantastic news. He has solid work for almost 2 months. Which means he will make more than I make in 3.5-4 months. So, yeah!

How did bad news trump that great news?

Well, my appointment with my surgeon got bumped back two weeks. Anger! For those who know, they know why I am angry.

But, that’s not the worst of it. My mom’s dog, technically our family dog, that we have had for over 10 years was put down today. Sad to know because it is a close friends birthday today too. Resize_P070710_16.321000050

Losing Zazoo is tough on me, but even more on my mom. It’s tough. The hubby is fantastic with her, he is willing to help out in any way, even if it is just keeping her company.

How come Zazoo is important to me? Growing up, dogs kept me company while I wrote. Zazoo was good at that, mainly because he just wanted to suck on the pillow I was leaning on.

Plus, he pulled a couple all-nighters, helped me make decisions on what to do with the plots and well, always woke me up…before 8 a.m. Last time we stayed there, it was always before 6 a.m.

Also, he loved the hubby and listened to him. He wanted to be right near Drew when he was feeling better. He disrupted his game-playing too. Such a good dog.

So, tonight I plan to take an easy night of typing…potentially to remember Zazoo and take calls from my mom. Every time she calls she is crying, which makes me cry, which makes writing really difficult to do.

It is amazing how deaths, even pets, can affect writing. Well, off to play a game to block my mind for a bit. Maybe type.


Sunday, January 15, 2012 | By: Unknown

Deciding on Chapters

No, I am not talking about the store, but chapters inside books. When I write my novels I do not write with chapters. I feel that they make it difficult for me and ruin the flow of the novel. I understand that that seems like a foreign idea to other writers, but to me it works.

With my typing up of Murder Never Dies, I have begun to insert where I want my chapters to be placed. Some of my chapters are over 10 pages while others are only 2. With the breaking up of length I find it easier to read from personal experience.  I love reading chapters that are short while the longer ones keep me intrigued. It is all about preference and I try to make a compromise.

Plus, inserting chapters after I type up my handwritten novels allow me to change it when needed. If I want to shorten or extend a chapter I can. Plus, this is my second time of knowing my plot so it allows for more decisive knowledge.

Ever since I started typing up my novels have I gained more respect for writers. It is a hard decision. My one personal pet peeve is dividing up a major part of the novel into two or more chapters. That drives me nuts. It breaks up the part of the plot. My solution to that would be is start the chapter just before the vital part occurs. Plus, I don’t know if it is just me, but I dislike chapters that are over 20-25 pages.

All right, all right. I will stop rambling about chapters and get my butt in gear to start typing and placing my own chapters in critically. Ah, such a tough life of being a writer on the side.

So, before I leave  I have a question for readers and writers. How do you like your chapters?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012 | By: Unknown

Writing/Typing Again

Yeah! It has felt like forever. No, literally, FOREVER (caps dedicated to my mom who uses them to emphasize things).excitement

Whenever I hit a dry spell and do not write or even type a novel I feel different. Almost like a Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde complex without the release of my animalistic urges. Writing is a release and I enjoy doing it.

Plus, it keeps me focused and makes sure my brain works. Being out of school worries me, but as the hubby explained, I love dorky shows that teach me new information.

Currently, I got a wish that I could talk to my old highschools Writer’s Craft class. I loved that class….it should be obvious why. But, then I got to thinking, what would I tell to young writers?

I don’t have a big publishing contract; instead, I self-publish, more so to keep my writing personal. Plus, I remember having guest speakers and some were fantastic, others not so much. How can I make writing seem fun and a great thing to continue doing?

Eek! Time to pass out.

The hubby is the better speaker than me. I get nervous, lose my wording and talk way to fast.

All I can think of is how writing has helped me become who I am. For those just taking the class just to take it with no interest in it may not understand my p-o-v on writing.

Writing allows me to cover up things I cannot get out otherwise. It lets me release emotions instead of taking it out on others. It lets me express who I am and my interests.

Plus, the feeling of completely a novel is amazing. Such a large work, so much time and effort placed into it is surely one of the best feelings of satisfaction. Iheartbook am still amazed after 15 books.

Now with the internet, there are ways for people to self-publish and own a hard copy and e-book copy of their own writing. It does not have to be professional material, it just has to be yours. Having something that personal is great and motivates for goals to be accomplished. With so much pressure on teens nowadays, achieving such things is difficult.

All I can remember is being the kid that wrote. It was my hobby. I just want people to feel like I do.  It also increase writing skills, intelligence, feeling of satisfaction, time-management and self-worth.

No matter what, I encourage people to write and want them all to do better than me. Who wouldn’t?

Well, enough of my rant. Back to typing I go. My books don’t write themselves.

Sunday, January 8, 2012 | By: Unknown

Been Busy, But I Managed to Type

Life is nuts and busy right now and what I am taking is making me strange. So things are not going as I would like. I have written very little, which is normal once I reach over 200 pages of a novel. I need a break from it, just like some people do from work or studying.

I am over 30 pages in my typing of Murder Never Dies. Love the title that my friend made for me. It is going well and I know for sure that I will need to edit like mad. There is more to add.

On top of this all I am busy with football. My Ravens are in the playoffs, big deal because I have fans of the Steelers and need to challenge them.

But, writing is not happening as much. I am a little furious and accepting of it. What writer has not felt this way?

Oh yes, New Years Resolution should go in here. Normally I have one of writing, like finishing writing and typing a book in one year. I know this is going to happen, so why waste a goal when it always happens? I could go for loosing weight, but that is not happening until my health gets figured out. This year, my goal is…wait for it…to be more positive!

Fantastic, right? I have been more positive since New Years and can see it in the customers I work with. It makes a difference. Now I can waste all my negative energy in book writing because I write better that way, and stay positive.

I promise to blog more once the writing mind gets the juices flowing. Stupid  writing lull.

Keep writing and reading. Never give up on being creative.