Wednesday, January 25, 2012 | By: Unknown


I am going to admit something very serious. I care more about inspiring people than getting published. Why? Well, getting published is far too much work and like I said, writing is a hobby. Sure, I do it everyday and don’t get paid, but it is more for me.

Why do I care about inspiring others?

Writing has been something I have been doing all my life. If people close to me want to start writing in any genre or form, I want to be able to support. In the past year I have helped inspire two people. One, a complete stranger, another a very close friend.

I own around 40 empty journals, so if a friend is close to me I select one or two journals from my own collection and give it to them. It is my only form of assistance. Sure, I am in groups about writing and help with ideas, but that is not the same as being able to give a part of me.

Also, if people want to write, I want them to write better than me. I know, I know, that is easy because of my style of writing and the genre I write in. I am a realist.

My novels as a whole can be inspiration because well, they are complete. The content, I hope are not inspirational. My books are more, um…horrifying in a sense. Maybe the characters can be inspirational because I tend to work on them and the plot the most. But, the actual writing, not so much. So, I tell people, if I can write a novel, anyone can. And I mean that.

If I can be of inspirations to others I am happy. I get inspired all the time by people and that helps fuel my writing. People can say a phrase, or help build an idea for my writing.

Inspiration is everywhere. I know, a generic line, but it is true.

Well, back to writing. Inspiration is still there for me.

I just wonder, do people like inspiring others? Also, what type of inspiration is there to help you as a writer?


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