Friday, January 20, 2012 | By: Unknown

Bad News Trumps Good News…Sadly

Yesterday the hubby told me fantastic news. He has solid work for almost 2 months. Which means he will make more than I make in 3.5-4 months. So, yeah!

How did bad news trump that great news?

Well, my appointment with my surgeon got bumped back two weeks. Anger! For those who know, they know why I am angry.

But, that’s not the worst of it. My mom’s dog, technically our family dog, that we have had for over 10 years was put down today. Sad to know because it is a close friends birthday today too. Resize_P070710_16.321000050

Losing Zazoo is tough on me, but even more on my mom. It’s tough. The hubby is fantastic with her, he is willing to help out in any way, even if it is just keeping her company.

How come Zazoo is important to me? Growing up, dogs kept me company while I wrote. Zazoo was good at that, mainly because he just wanted to suck on the pillow I was leaning on.

Plus, he pulled a couple all-nighters, helped me make decisions on what to do with the plots and well, always woke me up…before 8 a.m. Last time we stayed there, it was always before 6 a.m.

Also, he loved the hubby and listened to him. He wanted to be right near Drew when he was feeling better. He disrupted his game-playing too. Such a good dog.

So, tonight I plan to take an easy night of typing…potentially to remember Zazoo and take calls from my mom. Every time she calls she is crying, which makes me cry, which makes writing really difficult to do.

It is amazing how deaths, even pets, can affect writing. Well, off to play a game to block my mind for a bit. Maybe type.



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