Sunday, January 15, 2012 | By: Unknown

Deciding on Chapters

No, I am not talking about the store, but chapters inside books. When I write my novels I do not write with chapters. I feel that they make it difficult for me and ruin the flow of the novel. I understand that that seems like a foreign idea to other writers, but to me it works.

With my typing up of Murder Never Dies, I have begun to insert where I want my chapters to be placed. Some of my chapters are over 10 pages while others are only 2. With the breaking up of length I find it easier to read from personal experience.  I love reading chapters that are short while the longer ones keep me intrigued. It is all about preference and I try to make a compromise.

Plus, inserting chapters after I type up my handwritten novels allow me to change it when needed. If I want to shorten or extend a chapter I can. Plus, this is my second time of knowing my plot so it allows for more decisive knowledge.

Ever since I started typing up my novels have I gained more respect for writers. It is a hard decision. My one personal pet peeve is dividing up a major part of the novel into two or more chapters. That drives me nuts. It breaks up the part of the plot. My solution to that would be is start the chapter just before the vital part occurs. Plus, I don’t know if it is just me, but I dislike chapters that are over 20-25 pages.

All right, all right. I will stop rambling about chapters and get my butt in gear to start typing and placing my own chapters in critically. Ah, such a tough life of being a writer on the side.

So, before I leave  I have a question for readers and writers. How do you like your chapters?


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