Wednesday, December 29, 2010 | By: Megan Held

Back Home

After a much needed vacation, I am not going to complain about everything that I have managed to do on it. Had a great experience doing a couple excursions, met some great people, and had a chance to read and write. Yes people, I did just say those two things: read and write.

Like on every place I go, my writing books come in tow. This place was beautiful, relaxing and was a perfect writing setting while my hubbie decided he was determined to go shell hunting (he did a good job at it too by finding the smallest shells).

My thinking is, how could one not write when it looks this beautiful in the Dominican Republic:


On top of it, I met another writer who gave me some contact info. Oh yes, I did a massive happy dance where it could not be seen. Time to work on making sure my books are fantastic, which gives me more incentive to write more.

I asked hubbie to take pictures of me writing. You can see when I write different parts, and when he broke my concentration. Ready for it?


Concentrated face.


Normal writing face.


Concentration broken by hubbie.


Right back to being concentrated. Look at my forehead, very serious.

Obviously, from these pictures I did manage to write at least ten pages. I am quite please with the amount because I had not planned to write any while I was down there. Let’s hope that for the rest of the break I can keep up with my writing for the break.

But, for everyone that knows the hubbie, he let me buy two writing books down there. I was so excited, they are pretty. Unlined paper, but I do not care, I am going to learn how to write it because people have written on unlined paper long before me.

Seeing as I just came back home today, about 6 hours ago, I think I need to get some food in me, unpack, and prepare to write tonight because now I am home and can concentrate even more, despite what those pictures show. Those were taken on our last day there, where it was surprisingly quiet.

Friday, December 10, 2010 | By: Megan Held

Book Synopsis

I have come up with an idea for my book synopsis to appear on the back cover of the next book I publish. Several questions arise after I completed it: Does it make sense? Does it sound intriguing? Lastly, would it work for a back cover of a novel?

Book Synopsis:

New location. New department. New coworkers. New boss. Detective Rylee Feeny's first day is not what she expected. Ridiculed for being a woman in an all-male department causes her to have to prove herself. She is partnered with one of the first detectives that speak to her: Detective Edward (Eddie) Hooper.

After a week in her new department, Rylee is given a case that she has never seen before.

A five year-old girl is found naked and dead along the side of a road. A type of killing unheard of in the area.

As Rylee and Hooper try to close the case, more victims are found, including a victim close to one of the them. As the case unfolds, complications arise and tension flares. Lack of evidence hinders them further.

When it comes to solving a case, sometimes a hunch can be deadly or the answer to it all.
Sunday, December 5, 2010 | By: Megan Held

Book Cover and Editing

So, I am no artist and never will be, but I still kind of designed my own book cover. It's nothing spectacular because I know that no one will buy a book judging it's cover. That would be wrong if you did after the age of 12.

Well, here is the cover. I like it. Simple, but nice.

No laughing. Like I had said, nothing spectacular. I am all about simplistic looking, as you can see.

Well, now that I am done the actual typing part the tedious part of editing will be occuring. This is something I find difficult becuase it is my own book and I may miss something. But, this time around I will be much more careful about editing.

It's just forcing myself to sit down and do the work that will take some time. I keep getting distracted with other things, including writing my two other books. Nothing unusual, but I did promise some people that I would work on getting another one of my books available.

This entails a good list of music to get me in the mood to edit. Not too devious like my writing music, which is normally Breaking Benjamin, something more mild is needed, or a movie that will get me in the mood.

But, I do have to remember, I have to do my homework and study first before I edit. That does not mean too much because I know when I need a break I can edit. I can aim for January to have the book out. Hopefully that is suitable for everyone. I still am unsure if someone else is going to edit the book after I edit, or if I am going to be the only one.

Off I go to do some always. Always working, but my work is relaxing. Synopsis of book will hopefully come soon, still trying to work on describing it.
Friday, December 3, 2010 | By: Megan Held

Book number 2 typed up

First of all, I would like to suggest that when you slice your thumb under it's nail to not type over 20 pages. It will make your thumb swell and hurt even more. Unlike me, who was just too determined, I did not take my own advice.

Techincally, this book is not boo number 2. It is book number 2 because it is the second book typed up and hopefully self-published. It's technically, don't quote me on this, the 12th book I wrote. I am so elated for the fact that I completed it after changing the goal date so many times. Life does interfere with my hobby.

Now all I have to do is edit, which will take some time. The novel ended up being 311 pages. That's right, I hand-wrote all those pages and then typed them all up. Such determination, or as it is called, obsession. I think a lot of my determination to finish this book is because of my family and friends. With all the support from self-publishing my first novel I knew I could do it again. Thank you to everyone for the support.

With editing comes trying to create a description of the book. I never understood how people could summarize a 311 page book in to 4-5 small paragraphs. A talent I have yet to acquire. Let's hope I can with this book.

I think after completing typing 2 books up, and handwriting one, in one year that I should take a break before I type up the next one. No way could I stop writing another novel. Like, I said, it is more like an obsession. A really fun obsession.

Unknown Caller=complete.

The book won. Hubby will be happy to have me out of my constant typing daze, but will have to experience me doing more of a writing gaze. Such sacrifices.

Publication Date=who knows.

I will update once I have edited and determined if I will need someone else to edit my book too. Time to rest now.
Thursday, November 25, 2010 | By: Megan Held

Dedication Decided

I have not fully finished the book yet, but I figured the dedication needs to be announced. I had one before, yet it did not seem fitting with the book. This will sound strange, after working out and taking a shower I figured out who to dedicate the book to. Like always, I called my mom to let her be the first one to know.

I know that this is not going to be the best book out there, but it does not mean it does not deserve a nice dedication. After calling my mom to let her know she has approved it and now I can post it.

First of all, sorry to all my friends. My book is not dedicated to you guys. Here is the dedication:

This novel is for my Grandpa: Joseph Fernand St. Louis, 0ctober 26, 1926—January 10, 2007. He had once said that every good story had a dark side to it.
Now, I hope it is obvious why I chose him. Good news is, deciding on the dedication does not hinder my writing it actually encourages.
I am sure if I keep plugging away at my typing I will make great progress with it. Put in my writing movie, Finding Forrester, brewed my tea and am now ready to type. Not much to update on just yet. Still have not moved past page 201. That should change tonight.
Sunday, November 21, 2010 | By: Megan Held


My facebook page is gaining people faster than I expected. over 85 people now, and I am just shocked. For most of the people I went to highschool with, most were familiar with 1440, and my obsession with writing. Guess that hasn't changed much.

Hubby made a comment that he likes me better when I only have one book on the brain. Ops, my bad. Kind of working on finishing typing up one, which I have reached over 200 pages as of today, as well as handwriting two other ones. Let's hope that after I do my homework tomorrow night (sh...I did not do any today but hey, two 1 page assignments is nothing compared to the 5-30 page essays and projects I had at Brock) I can complete at least 10 pages. Good goal hubby orginally set when I tended to ask him often how many pages to type.

Sadly, the laptop died so the desktop is where I type now; which makes it a little difficult to listen to my music. I could use my iPod, but then I feel like I would be ignoring hubby more than usual while writing. Difficult for me because I do love writing to Breaking Benjamin. Just the way the songs are get me all hyped up to write the dark stories.

On the handwriting note, I am writing out an older book I was working on in to a newer book because I abused the original book it was in a little too much. For those who have seen me write they know how I tend to abuse my books because I bring them with me everywhere.

When it comes to the upcoming days I still have not seen anyone buy my book at the cafe, but I check up at least a couple times a week. Still shocking to see sections of my book displayed, whether people are reading it or not. As well, vacation is 30 days away, where I can read at least 5 novels and write in the sun. Hopefully not falling asleep in the sun doing either. A nice sunny place to write more dark, twisted novels. Suitable? I do think so. Do not expect too much writing to be done, I do need a vacation to replenish the mind. Maybe on the trip I will be able to think of the name of the book I am a chunk in to writing. Nothing has popped up in my head yet, but it is still early on.

Once again, thank you to everyone for the support. I know I say it a lot, but it is true.
Wednesday, November 17, 2010 | By: Megan Held

Alas, no one likes me

I have come to realize that being an author is not as easy as people make it seem. To me it is my second nature, without writing I would not be the person that I am today. But, that does not mean people outside my group of friends and family will read my book. All the times I have gone to see my book display no one has even glanced at my work. Maybe it is just the clientele that is just tired of seeing stuff underneath the tables, or the fact that it is bits from a novel that turns them off.

I understand that people may not like my style of writing, that is fine. No writer is ever 100% liked, it is a fact. My feeling is that all the times I have supported other people on their endeavours has gone to waste because I get no support back. Sure, they write shorter things and most of the works are collaborative, does not matter in my eyes.

One day I plan to challenge people. To me, if I had not challenged myself to do what I have done I would not be writing books. Scary thought. Just imagine what I would be like if I did not release all these thoughts that appear in my books. Now I am scaring myself.

Instead of dwelling on the fact that people do not give a damn about writing outside my group of friends and family I am looking at the positive. Finished another novel, over halfway through typing up another one to self publish, working on two new books, and hoping to start looking into getting published somewhere in Canada. Alas, a lot of work, but important work.

"Writing is physical work. It's sweaty work. You just can't will yourself to become a good writer. You really have to work at it."~Will Haygood 

It is true. If I did not work at writing what would I say is my hobby and talent? 

Ok, enough of the never-ending rant. I was supposed to update, sold 2 books out of my 10. Still better than I had originally thought. Slowly getting back in to the writing grove again. Feels like writers block is kicking in, which sucks. I will beat it though. Hopefully soon I can think of the title for the book I am writing that is 90 pages in. We all know how that goes. I think of ideas and people perfect it.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010 | By: Megan Held

New Book Being Written

Just for all you followers, here is a little taste of the new book I am writing. Do not fear, I am still typing up my other one. So, enjoy. This is the opening:

      The feeling. How can one describe it? Orgasmic? Insatiable? No, fulfilling. I needed this, in some way or another. Sitting back on his thighs I looked down at my masterpiece. Just another fool that fell for it. Taking a deep breath I closed my eyes to enjoy it. Each breath allowed me to experience a new feeling: his going limp inside me, my sweat cooling on my warm body and his body not moving. Looking down at him I felt nothing. He was just a person used to fulfill my need. My gloved hands were soaked with his blood. The knife clamped in my gloved right hand dripped of his blood. It was dark in the room but I knew that there was blood everywhere. The smell filled my nose and gave me a rush of adrenaline, it was becoming orgasmic, much like the moment of killing him had been like.

     He had taken more effort to get him to the point of being killed. I had to go out of my normal methods and adapt which could lead to my risk of being caught. Yet, I was prepared. There was never a time that I was not prepared if I had to go further. It was not difficult to convince them to go back to their place, it never was. Tight dresses, sexy lingerie under them, high heels, make-up and knowing how to talk. Teasing worked too, just when to start and for how long was a challenge at times. Tonight he needed a lot of teasing because the alcohol did not hit him like the others. More effort, more wasted time.

     Looking down at him one last time I decided to get off of his limp body. A procedure needed to be followed. Too much DNA had been left on him, and I could not be caught just yet. I dressed quickly. Time was running out, and sleep was needed. His body would stay the way he was positioned. I moved over towards my purse and opened up one of the side compartments. In there was everything I needed to disguise what I had to do in order to get the satisfaction I needed. My routine clean up after every time was no more than five minutes. Just fast enough to escape, but not too fast that I left evidence behind. My method had been perfected years ago, and now it allows me to get what I need more often than I used to be able to fulfill it. Redressing I put away my cleaning supplies in the large purse I brought with me, slipped into my shoes and walked out of the room still wearing gloves. Looking back at him I smiled.
Thursday, November 4, 2010 | By: Megan Held

Book Display

The book display is up and running. Only sold one book, not that bad. I actually expected to not sell all. Sad but true. My taste and style of writing is not for everyone, which I do not blame people for. But, I am still in shock over the fact that my display actually turned out rather nice. The idea that I thought would not work did. Is it wrong that I want to set my goal at selling 5 books in total? It is not that much money, but it is still nice knowing that some people took interest in my book.

On a side note, my grandma and dad are really pushing the idea that I get my name out there and start to write to agents and real publishers so I can get officially published. Alas, they do not know that this takes a lot of time and effort and means a lot of rejection letters. Rejection I can do, but I do not know if they can handle it. I guess that is what I will be up to over Christmas break. Writing letters to agents to make them want to get me published. The question I have is, "Am I really good enough that an agent or publisher will want me?" Horrible thoughts to think of but sometimes being realistic is the best way.

For all the people that are waiting to read my next book I am halfway through typing it up. I did not realize it was going to be as long as it is. The only thing I can look forward to is that when I edit the word count goes down and it becomes more in tune with the entire concept. It is not my best book but even the books I find that I sucked at writing could be someone's favourite. I can aim to be done for Christmas break but that takes time and effort and I am slowly plugging along with it while I try to finish writing out my novel. I am close to the end of that one as well. It's hard to keep up with work, school, and writing...I guess I should mention a somewhat social life. Hence the word 'somewhat'.

I will keep everyone updated. It is a good idea to have support close to me when I need it the most.

"You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you."  ~Ray Bradbury
Monday, October 25, 2010 | By: Megan Held

One week today!

So I am pretty much ready to go and place down all my stuff for the book showing. The books will hopefully arrive no later than monday so I may just have to pick them up after work.

About the author and the novel should be completed tonight and will get Grandma to revise. She loves novels and being involved so I could not say no. The husband helped organize and decide what tables each section printed off should go in. Looks pretty good! Once everything is set up I will provide pictures for all to see on here, and on facebook too. Not all people will go, which is understanding.

With all this work and excitement I have begun writing again. Writer's Block is gone! Much needed break from writing but now I am itching to finish the book. The needing to end it is taking over my dreams.

And if everything goes well after this month I will push hard to self-publish another one of my books.

One week everyone!!!! Hope that people will go take a look at it and even buy a drink from Fine Grind. Fantastic drinks there for both coffee lovers and people who don't like coffee!
Sunday, October 24, 2010 | By: Megan Held

Almost time!

Well I have not written on here in a long time it seems. I guess school has kept me somewhat busy. Not too surprising. Just ordered 10 copies of my book for the book showing and will print off my work once the hubby gets home. Need all the help I can get.

Current book writing is going at a slow pace. I know exactly how I want to end it but getting there is taking some time. I will hopefully find the inspiration to finish it. Well, today I feel like I am in the mood to write. :D
Saturday, August 21, 2010 | By: Megan Held


So, finally reached page 150 typing. My fingers hurt a little, but for not being in a typing mood, typing up nearly 15 pages in one night is a good sign. Hubby kept telling me to type when I got distracted, but I still reached my goal.

In the handwriting front I filled my HUGE 192 page writing book down to the very last line. Now I am writing in a much nicer, portable and smaller book. Less weight, but means just more little books to fill up before I finish this novel.

Everything that I am doing right now writing wise is making progress. Just have to be a little patient with myself when I am not in the mood to do any writing or typing. Lets hope I can accomplish more this week then last week. It would be a good sign with my writing. Open-mouthed smile

Monday, August 9, 2010 | By: Megan Held

Slowly making progress

So, I reached page 122 of typing up my book. I lost my typing groove. I had an inkling that that was going to happen. Outcome will more then likely be that my book will not be published by my birthday. A sacrifice that has to be made to keep my sanity.

The nameless book has been given a name. “Murder Never Dies.” Suitable for how I plan to end it whenever I get to that point. So many ideas, so little time to write in a day.

As well, heard good news. My dad told me that the girl he let borrow his copy of the book finished it in a night because she did not want to miss something. Now, if only I could write more books like that. Alas, my only talented book may be 1440, but I guess I will have to wait and see.

Shh….a little secret. Dad may have found a potential publisher. The hubby and I are elated and hope he likes my work. If so, must get my ass in gear and type up more of my books and write faster.  I so need to have more than one hand that can write. Must learn to write with my right hand and type with my left.

All the news currently. Hope to keep updating more once I get time to do more writing.

Sunday, July 25, 2010 | By: Megan Held
Decisions...decisions. Yesterday I may a big one and told Shawna and the hubby that I just had to kill off a main character in my one book, maybe too. Hubby's reaction: "Are you going to kill me off in the book?" Me: "No honey, you survive." Hubby: "Good." and he walked away lol Love the support. Typing is taking its sweet time. I am still aiming for it being out by my birthday aka Shawna, around your birthday too :D Hubby agrees gives me time to process.

On to page 90 of typing. Yeah progess! Hopefully about 50 pages left of handwritting to go for the book that is still nameless. Grrr bad book.

Best compliment: "You book is so addictive. I don't want to stop reading it."

And what I was thinking inside my head: "Yes! My books may have a shot!"

Very high hopes I know. But meh. lol

Have fun reading, and if you want to make demands, aka Shawna, you can post them as of now :P
Love you guys!
Saturday, July 17, 2010 | By: Megan Held

Book Naming

Almost done handwriting out one of my books so that it will allow me less of a distraction when typing up my next book. Hardest part of handwriting my book is the naming. It will name itself someday soon....I hope. Just excited that I will have completed book number 14. I have not finished a book in so many years, it's so needed. Less space taken up in my brain :P Back to writing I go. Must complete more stuff so I don't get beaten by more books. Love you guys!
Sunday, July 11, 2010 | By: Megan Held
Realized I jump way way too far ahead when it comes to my books. I am making progress, still aiming to publish it around my birthday. Dedications have been figured out, which is good. No worrying about that later. Only 36 pages in to typing up the book. Hopefully by this week it will reach 100. Got to push it, deadline set for myself. :D
Sunday, July 4, 2010 | By: Megan Held

First ever post!

Hello everyone who decides to check on this. Hopefully I will be able to update this as often as I can while I write. In high demand by some friends to get my second book ready and published by the fall. First time ever blogging so this shall be interesting. All I can say is thank you for the support, and for those that read 1440, for not running away screaming. Love you all!