Friday, December 10, 2010 | By: Unknown

Book Synopsis

I have come up with an idea for my book synopsis to appear on the back cover of the next book I publish. Several questions arise after I completed it: Does it make sense? Does it sound intriguing? Lastly, would it work for a back cover of a novel?

Book Synopsis:

New location. New department. New coworkers. New boss. Detective Rylee Feeny's first day is not what she expected. Ridiculed for being a woman in an all-male department causes her to have to prove herself. She is partnered with one of the first detectives that speak to her: Detective Edward (Eddie) Hooper.

After a week in her new department, Rylee is given a case that she has never seen before.

A five year-old girl is found naked and dead along the side of a road. A type of killing unheard of in the area.

As Rylee and Hooper try to close the case, more victims are found, including a victim close to one of the them. As the case unfolds, complications arise and tension flares. Lack of evidence hinders them further.

When it comes to solving a case, sometimes a hunch can be deadly or the answer to it all.


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