Sunday, December 5, 2010 | By: Unknown

Book Cover and Editing

So, I am no artist and never will be, but I still kind of designed my own book cover. It's nothing spectacular because I know that no one will buy a book judging it's cover. That would be wrong if you did after the age of 12.

Well, here is the cover. I like it. Simple, but nice.

No laughing. Like I had said, nothing spectacular. I am all about simplistic looking, as you can see.

Well, now that I am done the actual typing part the tedious part of editing will be occuring. This is something I find difficult becuase it is my own book and I may miss something. But, this time around I will be much more careful about editing.

It's just forcing myself to sit down and do the work that will take some time. I keep getting distracted with other things, including writing my two other books. Nothing unusual, but I did promise some people that I would work on getting another one of my books available.

This entails a good list of music to get me in the mood to edit. Not too devious like my writing music, which is normally Breaking Benjamin, something more mild is needed, or a movie that will get me in the mood.

But, I do have to remember, I have to do my homework and study first before I edit. That does not mean too much because I know when I need a break I can edit. I can aim for January to have the book out. Hopefully that is suitable for everyone. I still am unsure if someone else is going to edit the book after I edit, or if I am going to be the only one.

Off I go to do some always. Always working, but my work is relaxing. Synopsis of book will hopefully come soon, still trying to work on describing it.


septembermom said...

Hi Megan, it's Kelly from the Aspiring Novelists page on FB. Like you, I find music to keep me inspired. It often helps me redirect my thinking and push into new areas. Right now, I concentrate on poetry and short fiction, but I'm exploring novel writing more seriously now. Wishing you good luck!

Megan Held said...

Thank you Kelly! I am always able to talk about novel writing. Music is an amazing thing.

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