Thursday, July 28, 2011 | By: Unknown

Book Has Taken Control

I love this. I hate this. My hand hurts and I lack my normal sleeping pattern.

This is all what happens to me and how I feel once a book consumes my mind. Its like a horrible infection that I love at the same time. I know the hubby loves it when he is home, it gives him a reason to play NCAA more because I am distracted.

Right now I am gearing up to shift the book to a whole new place (an actual place). With preparation comes time and detail. A person cannot just travel somewhere and not be prepared.

When a book consumes the majority of your brain, that is when you know you are an author. While I was at the gym I was plotting what to do next in the book, in what order. Never have I written down an outline because most of it remains in my head. I guess one good thing I have is a memory associated with words.

So far, this new style of book is going well. It will be one of my longest books because its been almost 100 pages and still no physical action has been written. But, it is moving quickly. A lot has happened. I have not felt this good writing a book over a year. I hope I don’t lose this feeling.

Well, I best get back to writing. I hope my mind will let it leave my brain so I can actually get some sleep tonight. Goal is to reach page 100 by Sunday night. That means only 15 pages to write, which is a lot when I work 8 hours for the next three days.

I hope every writer feels this feeling of obsession, a need to write and the feel of happiness while writing.

Sunday, July 24, 2011 | By: Unknown

Concentration and Husband are Gone


Most of the time I write while the hubby is gone away to work. Hence the word ‘most’. Today, my concentration has disappeared. Without the hubby amusing me and my writing not happening I get bored…easily. It does not help that I worked 8 hours today and had to make dinner. Those two activities took up the majority of my day.

What I need is motivation. I can picture words in my head pertaining to my book. Yet, they stay there. My journal (I handwrite all my books in journals) sits next to me, with two pens just waiting.

And what is my head thinking? This:

wantWith being 70 pages into my novel, I hate having these moments. It is not a form of writers block, its a form of no motivation to write down what I am thinking. I can see clearly in my head where I want to take the book next and what words to write down.

When I write novels I do not create chapters till I edit. I enjoy writing a chapter-free and flowing novel. Sure, breaks between sections are still used, I just don’t like judging myself by how many chapters I write.

Writing is never an easy hobby for me. Some days I can write over 10 pages, others, less. It is just a matter of concentration, motivation and need to write. Right now, I have the need to write, but lack concentration which causes a lack in motivation.

“A writer is somebody for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.” ~Thomas Mann, Essays of Three Decades, 1947

I wanted to end with this quote as a way to motivate myself to write and gain back concentration. Sadly, Thomas Mann is true, writing is more difficult for writers. Time to go word catching and write.

Thursday, July 21, 2011 | By: Unknown

Heat Wave=Stuck Indoors

By 10 a.m. I had gone to the gym for over an hour and did groceries. A very productive morning. Yes, I am an early riser, but today was more or less to avoid the extreme heat warning issued. I like warm, but this hot, makes me sick. It’s supposed to be 37oC, real feel of 48oC.heat

If I were outside I think I would melt. So, after doing all my chores, I have eaten lunch and put on my favourite T.V. show so I can start writing. I am 64 pages in. Yes, less progress than I anticipated. But with the thermometer rising, I hope to do a lot of writing.

I am in several writing groups that have writers at my level, or just picking up the craft. This is great encouragement because when I am having writers block I can always check the groups and see what is being discussed or how people are doing. It’s sad that after 15 books I now need some encouragement.

Recently, someone has decided that they need to make people feel like nothing and brag about their success that does not exist. Using a blog to say you are a published writer heatwavemeans nothing. I find this insulting. I blog, but its about my writing process and how some days I hate not being able to write. I self-published 2 books. Nothing fancy, but it makes me happy. Maybe its the heat that is making me annoyed easier than normal.

To top it off, the book I am writing is the only book I am shy talking to others about. Normally I am open for people to read as I write, or ask what is about and tell a quick synopsis. This book is out of my comfort genre and it is challenging. I keep dreaming about parts to come, yet I am nowhere near there. It infuriates me at times. I see where I want to go, but I can never get there right away.

The weather. I am thinking of blaming the weather for making me dream so far ahead and my lack of being able to write to catch up. Why is writing a new genre terrifying? I know I am in control, but still, seems so different. Most of the anxiety and nerves are because the Hubby read a little. I am more terrified of his judgement over my book than anyone else’s.

Well, I must battle the heat and stay close to my fans. They are the only thing keeping me cool next to drinking a lot of water. Time to go force myself to write because I know what is best for my brain.

Thursday, July 14, 2011 | By: Unknown

Authors Who Have Influenced my New Book

Writing is not about trying to be against all writers and do something different. Writing is about creative and being influenced. Most writers would be complimented knowing that they have influenced someone in their own personal writing.

Be shocked. Disagree with me…but, you know I am right. Certain writers may influence you in small things, never in entirety.

quinnTwo days ago, I bought and read Quinn by Iris Johansen. I have admired her mystery novels since I was a teenager and have not stopped. Her novels are fantastic and show why I admire using discussion as a main factor in my novels.

When her characters talk in the novel they reveal so much about the plot and I love that about her writing. Description is used wisely and when needed. Plus, the way this novel ends I was angry because I wanted more. When I can access more is not until October. Such a long wait.

I can say with a fact she has influenced my writing throughout the years, especially with my new novel. Dialogue is important because using descriptive narrative would lull people to sleep in this novel.The-Passage-Cronin-Justin-9780345504975

Over a month ago, I read The Passage by Justin Cronin and saw a surge of stories about people having powers to save the world.

Do not get me wrong, this novel was fantastic and a worthwhile read, but there are only so many ‘going to save the world’ type novels. Also, it always involves the U.S.

Eureka! My book idea appeared. What the book is about, if I can work it this way throughout the novel till the end (here is hoping), is about a person in Canada discovering that they are wanted to control large countries. Yes, it slightly involves the Canadian Army, but I am not a professional knowing the ins-and-outs of the army. Just a basic comprehension and that is all I need.

So far, only 53 pages in (yes, my lack of writing this week is horrendous) and I have stuck to my goal.

That’s one thing I find difficult. I have a basic idea for what I want my novel to be about and most of the time I venture off and will end with lightly touching the idea. This novel has to be different. Why? Because I dream about it. It’s a challenge. Also, I am curious on how it will end.

Well, time to make the hubby and me breakfast. I am hoping to have a good writing day and progress further.

“An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come.” ~ Victor Hugo

Thursday, July 7, 2011 | By: Unknown

Books are on Amazon and smashwords...finally

I'm sorry. I know how annoying it is to have me post twice in one day. It's bad. Horrible. But, I am excited.

My writing is rather private, as most of my friends and family know. Yet, I am a writer and I do want people to read my work...minus the critiquing of course.

While I was outside on the back deck of the in-laws looking at Amazon on my Kobo I discovered that my books were finally available. I have been waiting almost 3 months for my books to approved to be sold on there.

To add to how my books are sold I also joined smashwords seeing as so many people in the writing groups I am in use it and are doing well getting their name out there. Good things do happen to people who wait...and people should know, I am not that patient of a person.

All right, less rambling more posting of the books...I guess if people want to see it for themselves and don't believe me.

Here are the links and I swear, I won't post another entry for at least three days.

Unknown Caller:
Now that I have shared my excitement like I was back in kindergarten I am going to relax and calm down.

Must Reach Page 50 by Sunday

My week vacation has accidentally turned into a reading vacation. I had a feeling that that would happen. Yet, I forced myself to read less as of last night.

This new book I have started writing is grabbing my attention again. A good thing I might add. I know people would give me crap because I am procrastinating. Here is my opinion, most procrastination for writers is called writers-block or being distracted. Heaven forbid if people, like myself, were distracted by reading. I call it research.

So, getting back on the writing bandwagon I have set a goal for myself. I hand-write my novels. Its more intimate to me. Currently, I am sitting on page 38. By Sunday, I want to be at page 50. A good goal and its doable. This is how I get over being distracted. I set weekly or nightly goals. Nothing ridiculous such as, 'This week I must write 50 pages'. Fantastic for those who can, but I am a person that needs to keep going.

Twelve pages. That is all I need to accomplish. I think I can do it. No guarantees. Visiting the in-laws can be fun and distracting. Well, I best get back to writing before I get distracted. Writing is good, distractions are bad.

Lets hope by Sunday I can post that I have accomplished my goal and I hope everyone else can finish their writing goals too.

Back to writing I go. Hubby needs his laptop back before he gets too bored.

P.S. I am enjoying reading more blogs about writing. It helps me blog about writing. Keep blogging. Keep writing. As long as it makes one happy and is not for alternative reasons.
Saturday, July 2, 2011 | By: Unknown

New Book Has It’s Challenges

So, for the past two weeks I started a new book and after getting 15 pages in, started to do a massive amount of reading. When I mean a massive amount, I mean around 8 novels.


This happens every summer. My reading list grows and my writing gets pushed to the side. But, with this weekend and being on nights I have some time during my night shift to sit and write. It helps me keep awake.

As of tomorrow I am on vacation, aka visiting the in-laws, where I hope to write over ten pages. Hubby thinks I can write more, so I will have to see.

The difficulty with this book is I want to get too far ahead and not let the story take its own course. Horrible, I know. But, this book, I don’t want to stop writing it. I want to go against the norm. Every book I tend to be reading is about people saving the world, having a gene to help humanity, fight off a disease.

Inside my little black notebook, similar to the picture, I am writing about something that if found, could control armies and do harm to the world. Okay, so most people will be thinking that that sounds generic and boring. cartesio-pocket-black-notebook-200Sorry Americans, its based in Canada, where I am from.

Normally, when I start a new book I go with my instincts and write what I dream about. Yes, I dream about what I am writing. Good for me, yet bad too. I wake up a lot and don’t physically want to get out of bed and write down the ideas. Plus, Hubby would shoot me if I got up every night at 3am to write. So, to help refresh my memory I try to find a song that relates to the book in some way; whether it is plot, characters or setting.

With this book, I was lucky enough and had the song come to me without much searching. It’s a unique song, gaining popularity, so it should help me continue to write the book….hence the word ‘should’.

I guess I ‘should’ go back to writing, seeing as whenever I blog I make a comment that I am going back to writing. This time, I plan to. Writing is not easy. So, for those people that comment “I wrote 3000 words today” everyday, I am not like you. Some days I write a page, others 10, and sometimes none.

As I go back to writing, here is the song that helps me spark my creativity with this book. Enjoy!