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Authors Who Have Influenced my New Book

Writing is not about trying to be against all writers and do something different. Writing is about creative and being influenced. Most writers would be complimented knowing that they have influenced someone in their own personal writing.

Be shocked. Disagree with me…but, you know I am right. Certain writers may influence you in small things, never in entirety.

quinnTwo days ago, I bought and read Quinn by Iris Johansen. I have admired her mystery novels since I was a teenager and have not stopped. Her novels are fantastic and show why I admire using discussion as a main factor in my novels.

When her characters talk in the novel they reveal so much about the plot and I love that about her writing. Description is used wisely and when needed. Plus, the way this novel ends I was angry because I wanted more. When I can access more is not until October. Such a long wait.

I can say with a fact she has influenced my writing throughout the years, especially with my new novel. Dialogue is important because using descriptive narrative would lull people to sleep in this novel.The-Passage-Cronin-Justin-9780345504975

Over a month ago, I read The Passage by Justin Cronin and saw a surge of stories about people having powers to save the world.

Do not get me wrong, this novel was fantastic and a worthwhile read, but there are only so many ‘going to save the world’ type novels. Also, it always involves the U.S.

Eureka! My book idea appeared. What the book is about, if I can work it this way throughout the novel till the end (here is hoping), is about a person in Canada discovering that they are wanted to control large countries. Yes, it slightly involves the Canadian Army, but I am not a professional knowing the ins-and-outs of the army. Just a basic comprehension and that is all I need.

So far, only 53 pages in (yes, my lack of writing this week is horrendous) and I have stuck to my goal.

That’s one thing I find difficult. I have a basic idea for what I want my novel to be about and most of the time I venture off and will end with lightly touching the idea. This novel has to be different. Why? Because I dream about it. It’s a challenge. Also, I am curious on how it will end.

Well, time to make the hubby and me breakfast. I am hoping to have a good writing day and progress further.

“An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come.” ~ Victor Hugo


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