Thursday, July 28, 2011 | By: Unknown

Book Has Taken Control

I love this. I hate this. My hand hurts and I lack my normal sleeping pattern.

This is all what happens to me and how I feel once a book consumes my mind. Its like a horrible infection that I love at the same time. I know the hubby loves it when he is home, it gives him a reason to play NCAA more because I am distracted.

Right now I am gearing up to shift the book to a whole new place (an actual place). With preparation comes time and detail. A person cannot just travel somewhere and not be prepared.

When a book consumes the majority of your brain, that is when you know you are an author. While I was at the gym I was plotting what to do next in the book, in what order. Never have I written down an outline because most of it remains in my head. I guess one good thing I have is a memory associated with words.

So far, this new style of book is going well. It will be one of my longest books because its been almost 100 pages and still no physical action has been written. But, it is moving quickly. A lot has happened. I have not felt this good writing a book over a year. I hope I don’t lose this feeling.

Well, I best get back to writing. I hope my mind will let it leave my brain so I can actually get some sleep tonight. Goal is to reach page 100 by Sunday night. That means only 15 pages to write, which is a lot when I work 8 hours for the next three days.

I hope every writer feels this feeling of obsession, a need to write and the feel of happiness while writing.


Charliann Roberts said...

Yes! That's exactly the way I feel when I write. But I hate when I'm interrupted by my better half (or even the dogs). He works nights and I work the best in the evening until around midnight. I plan my plots all day long then sit down and type them out at night. We all have different times that are best for us! Happy writing! :)
~ Charliann Roberts ~

Megan Held said...

Sometimes a slight adjustment could work. It was great hearing how you know this feeling and yes, it is terrible being interrupted because you lose a sense of where you were when writing. Happy writing to you Charliann and thank you for following my blog.

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