Saturday, July 2, 2011 | By: Unknown

New Book Has It’s Challenges

So, for the past two weeks I started a new book and after getting 15 pages in, started to do a massive amount of reading. When I mean a massive amount, I mean around 8 novels.


This happens every summer. My reading list grows and my writing gets pushed to the side. But, with this weekend and being on nights I have some time during my night shift to sit and write. It helps me keep awake.

As of tomorrow I am on vacation, aka visiting the in-laws, where I hope to write over ten pages. Hubby thinks I can write more, so I will have to see.

The difficulty with this book is I want to get too far ahead and not let the story take its own course. Horrible, I know. But, this book, I don’t want to stop writing it. I want to go against the norm. Every book I tend to be reading is about people saving the world, having a gene to help humanity, fight off a disease.

Inside my little black notebook, similar to the picture, I am writing about something that if found, could control armies and do harm to the world. Okay, so most people will be thinking that that sounds generic and boring. cartesio-pocket-black-notebook-200Sorry Americans, its based in Canada, where I am from.

Normally, when I start a new book I go with my instincts and write what I dream about. Yes, I dream about what I am writing. Good for me, yet bad too. I wake up a lot and don’t physically want to get out of bed and write down the ideas. Plus, Hubby would shoot me if I got up every night at 3am to write. So, to help refresh my memory I try to find a song that relates to the book in some way; whether it is plot, characters or setting.

With this book, I was lucky enough and had the song come to me without much searching. It’s a unique song, gaining popularity, so it should help me continue to write the book….hence the word ‘should’.

I guess I ‘should’ go back to writing, seeing as whenever I blog I make a comment that I am going back to writing. This time, I plan to. Writing is not easy. So, for those people that comment “I wrote 3000 words today” everyday, I am not like you. Some days I write a page, others 10, and sometimes none.

As I go back to writing, here is the song that helps me spark my creativity with this book. Enjoy!


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