Monday, June 20, 2011 | By: Unknown

Work Talk=Book Idea

My hubby works in the Army and goes away in the summer to work. So, typically year-round, but primarily my summer is filled with army talk once he gets home to visit. new-yellow-magnet

Army talk is like a foreign language to me filled with acronyms and phrases. After nearly 6 years of being together, I am beginning to understand most, but not all. I feel like I am being taught how to understand my hubby and his friends speak.

Lack of sleep this past weekend, work and hearing army talk made for a great weekend to develop a book idea…not. Currently I have five typed pages of a beginning of a  new book. Not bad. It means I can start handwriting the pages soon.

I am trying to get my hubby involved in my writing, which is tough because its not like he can sit down and write my books for me. Mind you, that would be fantastic when I suffer from the never-ending writers block. This time, listening to him talk and explain his work helped me develop a great idea for a story if it all goes as planned.

This how I see it, whenever my hubby talks about work, that is his language. Whenever I talk about my books its my own language. We mesh.

So far, I hope this novel works out. I like the idea in my head. Beginnings seem to always work out, its just what to do once I am halfway through that I have difficulty with.

I best find a new journal to write in out of the several I have. If I can type this much in two nights then it’s best to keep writing it.

Guess thanks goes out to the hubby for inspiring this book, even though I have no clue how he did.

Book concept: What if you were the one person wanted by the world and you don’t even know why?

Will that stick, who knows. Ask me when I finish….if I finish it.


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