Tuesday, April 24, 2012 | By: Unknown

Such Good News That Other Authors Would not

Today my blog has reached 2500 views. For most, I know, it is small, but for an unknown blogger it is a a big deal. Mind you, I don’t know if people are actually reading my blog. Who cares! Still views.

Also, I have sold a few eBooks now and am content. Not a tonne, but enough to make me smile. And my free 10 chapter preview has done well. Barnes & Noble has had 184 downloads of it. Excitement. Maybe people will actually read it once it is officially complete.

Talking about that, the brother is getting the last chunk of editing today. Lot’s left for him, but then I can get a chunk done of the final revising. Ugh, almost done the painful part of completing a book to self-publish. So I hope by the middle of May to be at the end of revising, that way it can be out by June. I like to have books out for the summer, best reading time because people like to lie out in the sun. Also I can ignore the idea of having to type up another book.

Oh yes, so the YA novel is going well. Over 40 pages in. Fantastic. Thinking of the name “The Selected”, but knowing me, that will change. I suck at titles and I think one is great and the odds are never for me. I have named two books by myself out of 17.  Not a very reassuring number. I am not lying though, I like this book idea. It has been so long since I have been this dedicated to two books right in a row. This must feel like most writers when writing a new story…or I hope so.

Plus, I cannot understand how I am failing at my two hours of writing a night. I can do a chunk on my days off, but right after work when I should be relaxing and writing would be nice, I cannot do it. I get distracted, even with the hubby having to use my computer because his died. So sad.

One day I will get over my phobia of telling the world about my new book once I get over halfway through. Sorry, my only bad news of this blog posting.

All right, rambling aside, I must get back to writing before the doctor’s appointment. All I do is do the whole wait and see game with doctors. For those that know me, six months of this is not good. I have now lost all patience and am getting pretty moody. Due to that, I am off to write. Helps me vent and relax.

Saturday, April 14, 2012 | By: Unknown

New YA Book

Oh my god!!! If I were a dog I would be running around in a circle for several minutes. And yes, that was far too many exclamation marks, so hate me all you want for it.

I have not written or even thought of writing another YA since I was a YA. This seems a little strange to me. No, I am not writing it because it’s the most sold age group for novels or because I want to be the next Suzanne Collins or Stephanie Meyer. I am writing this because for some strange reason this book idea came out of nowhere.

I am over 20 pages in, which is not much, but remember, I handwrite like I am an old woman. By now if I did not like the book I would stop. Instead, I am stuck in the debate of how many novels should be in this series. 2? 3? 4? It’s so tough. I am thinking four, but then I have to make sure I talk about the characters and what is happening and not jump right to the action.

For those of you that do not know me, I love action. Ok, fine, I also like getting to know characters too.

As you can tell, I am excited about having a new book idea that is sticking and so soon after completing both writing and typing up one. I do have to edit my other novel at the same time, but now I can dedicate some time to writing.

Trying to write two hours a night is tough, but I have to. Not for myself, sadly. I have a demanding friend, aka the sister, who wants to read as I write. So, lots of writing needs to occur.

All I can say is that it involves teenagers, violence, training, education and survival. Yeah! My style of novel!

Back to writing I go. Yippie! Oh, here is the novel that a friend chose for me to write in. back-to-school-contest2

Sunday, April 8, 2012 | By: Unknown

Even 7 year old me Knew I Should be a Writer

While at my Mom’s we found these old school reports. I read them and well, laughed. Thanks for the hint people. Took me till I was 12 to start writing novels. Jeez!

Here is term 1!

Old school1

And here is term 2!

Old School2

Hope all can read! If not, let me know and I will type out what it says!

Needs Motivation or Dedicated Writing Time

I understand that full-time writers are able to create a work schedule to write. Say 9-5, or something like. Whatever works for them.

Alas, that is not me. I wish I could do that, but, unfortunately, I have to work. Writing gets bumped back. And no, for those that wonder, I do not come home and write/edit till I go to bed. Half the time I am lucky to get to write for more than 2 hours.

Honestly, what happened to me. As a kid I could write all night. Now that I’m older I want to sleep a lot, or that is the whole health problem. That too adds to my lack of writing, damn health.

I am now wondering if I should force myself to write for 2 hours a night and make it a habit (except for my days off, then I can clearly write more). I have no clue if it will even help any. Some days I know I won’t be able to write due to pain, but I think it is worth a shot.

Motivation for working out was never a problem, but for writing, yes, it was a big problem. If I want a shot at getting publishing, hence the word ‘if’ I have to get back into a routine. I love routines. This should be simple…I hope.

Well, time to rest and hold my food belly. My aunt cooked an amazing meal, great times with the Fam, and my soon-to-be cousin-in-law as of this morning. Love when holidays have amazing news.

Oh yes, I will try to write. I can balance a book or laptop on said food belly. Time to instil the new routine as of tonight, if my eyes stay open. I hope everyone’s holiday was enjoyable and delicious.

Sunday, April 1, 2012 | By: Unknown

Stuck in Writing Limbo

Writing ideas are appearing, but….well…they suck. Nothing can be flourished with them.

Instead, I’m writing one of my nameless books I started years ago. It’s a part of the series with the same characters from Unknown Caller. I’m already 70 pages in. Yeah!…I think.

I want to write new books, I really do. This book is just so comfortable. It is perfect for writing limbo.

Oh yes, Writing Limbo is a time between not wanting to edit a book I’ve just finished/recently self-published a book and starting a new book idea that I just cannot wait to write.

I really hope every writer has this time. Maybe they don’t call it my morbid name, although it suits it. Limbo is the place between phases/steps/anything you want to place in here.

I feel different during it. I feel, not myself. Normally I am proud to be a writer and writing a new story. Not right now. Well, okay, I am a little proud because I can list off what I have done. It’s more the lack of a story I want to really talk about.

All I can hope for is that during Writing Limbo this unnamed book will be complete. Hey, it’s a bonus. Make something out of limbo.

I am sorry if this is random. My mind is everywhere. So, with that, time to stare at my writing book and see if I can muster up some energy/ideas to write. Here’s to hoping.