Sunday, April 1, 2012 | By: Unknown

Stuck in Writing Limbo

Writing ideas are appearing, but….well…they suck. Nothing can be flourished with them.

Instead, I’m writing one of my nameless books I started years ago. It’s a part of the series with the same characters from Unknown Caller. I’m already 70 pages in. Yeah!…I think.

I want to write new books, I really do. This book is just so comfortable. It is perfect for writing limbo.

Oh yes, Writing Limbo is a time between not wanting to edit a book I’ve just finished/recently self-published a book and starting a new book idea that I just cannot wait to write.

I really hope every writer has this time. Maybe they don’t call it my morbid name, although it suits it. Limbo is the place between phases/steps/anything you want to place in here.

I feel different during it. I feel, not myself. Normally I am proud to be a writer and writing a new story. Not right now. Well, okay, I am a little proud because I can list off what I have done. It’s more the lack of a story I want to really talk about.

All I can hope for is that during Writing Limbo this unnamed book will be complete. Hey, it’s a bonus. Make something out of limbo.

I am sorry if this is random. My mind is everywhere. So, with that, time to stare at my writing book and see if I can muster up some energy/ideas to write. Here’s to hoping.


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