Sunday, March 25, 2012 | By: Unknown

Ideas and Books Never Planned Out in Advance

While checking my writers site thingy I discovered that people have their books entirely planned out. I mean every chapter has an outline.

Either I am a horrid writer or am just a different type. Nothing is set in stone for my books. Ever. Having that much planned out to me seems to be unnecessary and forced.

I get an idea, like everyone else, but I don’t force out the rest of the story before it has even evolved yet. It takes time. Sure, the main idea is there and some important features, but its not an essay.

I find that when people put so much effort into the outline of the book it looses touch with the readers and writers. When writing one would want to stick to the plan and not let it wander.

I say let it wander. Most book ideas come from my dreams. If anything important needs to happen with or in my story it would appear in my dreams, whether its daydreaming at work or sleep dreaming. Like the two books I am working on. One scared the crap out of me. Well, most do.

What I am saying is, if you are an anal person and cannot do anything unless it is strictly planned out, creative writing may not be easy for you. If some can do this, good for them. My opinion is that it would just ruin the flow of the book. Try just writing. It can work just as easily.

I always let books take me where they want to go. I suck at writing, but I can follow what things want me to do. Right now, they want me to relax my mind and write later tonight.


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