Friday, March 2, 2012 | By: Unknown

Back From Writing Coma

Not an actual coma, but I did spend a lot of time writing. I was determined to finish my 16th book. It was driving me crazy….more crazy than usual.

When I get near the end of the book it pretty much haunts me to finish it. It’s a world needing completion. People think I am insane and I am starting to agree.

So, with this book complete I took an updated picture of my completed novel collection.



Most of the novels have 2 and from the bottom up it is through the years 2000-present time. That’s right everyone, I’ve been writing since I was 12.

Well, good news to all that have been giving me sh** for not finishing typing up Murder Never Dies, that will now start up again with Control Me being completed.

I am sorry if this post is short and boring, but my mind is going everywhere. I get all hyper for finishing one book and now want to finish the other so my brother can edit it since he so volunteered. Muahahahaha….he’s screwed….just kidding.

I guess I better go put on a pot of tea and get to typing. 60k typed, hopefully less than 30k to go…shoot me.

Thought to self…May need new hobby.


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