Sunday, March 11, 2012 | By: Unknown

Ten Pages Away From Finishing Typing and I Stop

What the hell, right? Well…never mind I have no explanation.

Sure, I can blame being in immense pain, but I have had time since my Mom typed up some of my book for me. Lack of motivation? Nope, because I write. Distracted with Game of Thrones and Mass Effect 3 watching? Nope, Game of Thrones is finished and I can multi-task with Mass Effect 3 on.

What’s wrong with me? Nothing, out of the ordinary anyway.

Fine, I will tell the reason. Once I finish typing that means I will have to edit. And, when I mean edit I mean add a lot, take out a little and leave it for a couple weeks. Then I edit and then my brother will edit and another book will be done. After that I will start writing more to finish another book and have to decide what book next to type up.

See? The never-ending process of being a writer on the side. It’s madness.

It’s not like back in high-school where I had a class dedicated to writing in Gr. 12. That’s right, I had an entire class dedicated to creative writing and I loved it. Now that I just work all the time I am old and have to be in the mood to write and end up treating it like a second job that maybe pays me $100 a year.

All right, all right. I know I said I do the writing for me, but seriously, why can’t I knit like my mom and make something useful? All I could ever knit was scarves. And I have lost all my wood-carving skills that my grandpa taught me. One day I hope that returns.

Gr, you found out I went off topic. But, yes, hopefully tomorrow I will complete my typing. There, be happy everyone. I can just sense my brother going “Hurry up already”, even though I don’t think he reads my blog. And well, the hubby has the best approach, “Do what you want to do.” With that, I shall think of a new book idea…maybe. murder cover

I can sense another one, so maybe I will do a bit of that story, read a little and maybe work on a story that has been kicking around for 3 years that I just need to keep writing. I’m already 60some pages in, so the continuing of that is easy.

Back to being productive I go. Here is the new book cover for Murder Never Dies. The hubby helped me fix it to make it look better. Sometimes I keep him around for help.


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