Sunday, March 18, 2012 | By: Unknown

Book Idea and Editing

With every complete book I tend to go through a week lull. This is where I let my mind go free. Yes, I just considered my mind a separate entity.

I finished typing my book last Monday. It was just over 76k. A solid chunk of words in my opinion.

My editing shall begin tomorrow. The least favourite part of my writing. I hate editing, I tend to add more to the stories and that is never good. More is not always better, but it happens a lot to me. My last novel grew by over 3k.

Editing is important, it then allows me to self-publish my book. I like owning my own copy. No offence to some writers I know that just write to try and get a big publishing company to publish them, I like it for myself. So, editing is my next step, a long step at that.

Oh yes, what is this book idea? It seems that during my down week where my brain rests my brain wanted to create a new book idea. Right now I am trying to feel it out.

Book ideas come and go. In order to make sure it can turn into a novel, like Murder Never Dies, is by writing out a small chunk. This way I can get a feel for the characters and plot.  I have a couple novels where I get over 30 pgs. in and other novels take over my attention. It happens to writers…I hope.

Maybe it is just me. I can start books, but continuing them is the issue. I dabble a little with the one book I have been writing for a couple years as passing the time until other books become more important. This one is a little different. Surrounded by revenge. Not typical revenge though. More driven. There is nothing to gain. Just satisfaction. Well, thus far anyway.

I’ll give it a couple of days to see how I feel about it. I’ll let you guys know how it goes. Back to writing. Tomorrow is the beginning of editing. Busy days off ahead!


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