Murder Never Dies

Two years. That is how long it has been for Detective Liz Walden since she last stepped foot in this town; a place that almost killed her. It only took one murder for her to return. When she does return, Detective Sergeant Hayden Pickard –her old boss and lover—is waiting for her with terrible news.

The killer she thought she killed is killing again. Brady Oakes killed young women and took Liz to do the same to her as he had done to the other women. She lived, but is now full of scars physically and emotionally.

Liz and Hayden must get over the fear of the past to catch Brady, again. Each murder is occurring faster than before and the last person left to be taken is Liz. In order to help catch Brady before he can get to Liz again, Liz and Hayden rely on a co-worker, Andrews and the town coroner, Don. All four rush to find all pieces of evidence found and left for them.

When the last victim is found Liz knows she is next.  Everyone tries to protect her so that what happened two years ago will not happen again.

It may be too late for Liz. Soon she will have to face the man she had killed two years ago and pray that she survives. In her life, murder never dies and she intends to change that.

Unknown Caller

Detective Rylee Feeney arrives at her new detachment with an impeccable force. The reputation of her new detachment is not one that is regarded as spectacular. When she steps on to the floor of the Homicide section, she is the only woman, and the only one that has managed to close all her cases.

Feeney is partnered with Detective Eddie Hooper and their first case as a team is one that they both cannot forget. The body of a five-year-old girl is discovered on the side of a road. Her body displayed in an organized and neat manner, leaving no evidence.

As more bodies are discovered, the ability to separate work from family life becomes difficult as someone close to them is murdered. Feeney and Hooper are determined to find the killer, but for Feeney it is an obsession and she is willing to risk her own life. More victims are discovered alongside roads leading outside of the city, and as time passes, the killer increases the time between murders.

No one said catching a killer was easy; especially a child killer. With time not on their hands, Feeney and Hooper risk everything to try and catch the killer before another girl is found.


Survival is the key. No time to back down and give up. Strength, determination, willpower and control of emotions are needed. Hope is all she can hold on to.

When Mel arrives to school she does not realize or expect what is about to happen. Warning and reasons are not given. Greetings by a blow to the face cause a chaotic reaction in the school. She does not know who they are, or why they want her. All she knows is that if help does not arrive she will not be alive past twenty-four hours.

Twenty-four hours. That is all the time Mel is allowed.

Confined to a girls change room, she is tortured and displayed in front of the entire school. She cannot trust anyone that she did before.

Why? Most are dead for trying. She is left alone, unable to find her sister to help her get through this. All she can do is hope that her sister will and has made it out alive.

Unable to find anyone to help her, she befriends the brother of the leader, not realizing his true identity. When flesh becomes less important than his job, Cody must do what he can to protect Mel and stop his brother.

Loyalities change. Truths are revealed. Help arrives, but is it too late to save her?


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