Thursday, July 7, 2011 | By: Unknown

Must Reach Page 50 by Sunday

My week vacation has accidentally turned into a reading vacation. I had a feeling that that would happen. Yet, I forced myself to read less as of last night.

This new book I have started writing is grabbing my attention again. A good thing I might add. I know people would give me crap because I am procrastinating. Here is my opinion, most procrastination for writers is called writers-block or being distracted. Heaven forbid if people, like myself, were distracted by reading. I call it research.

So, getting back on the writing bandwagon I have set a goal for myself. I hand-write my novels. Its more intimate to me. Currently, I am sitting on page 38. By Sunday, I want to be at page 50. A good goal and its doable. This is how I get over being distracted. I set weekly or nightly goals. Nothing ridiculous such as, 'This week I must write 50 pages'. Fantastic for those who can, but I am a person that needs to keep going.

Twelve pages. That is all I need to accomplish. I think I can do it. No guarantees. Visiting the in-laws can be fun and distracting. Well, I best get back to writing before I get distracted. Writing is good, distractions are bad.

Lets hope by Sunday I can post that I have accomplished my goal and I hope everyone else can finish their writing goals too.

Back to writing I go. Hubby needs his laptop back before he gets too bored.

P.S. I am enjoying reading more blogs about writing. It helps me blog about writing. Keep blogging. Keep writing. As long as it makes one happy and is not for alternative reasons.


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