Thursday, July 21, 2011 | By: Unknown

Heat Wave=Stuck Indoors

By 10 a.m. I had gone to the gym for over an hour and did groceries. A very productive morning. Yes, I am an early riser, but today was more or less to avoid the extreme heat warning issued. I like warm, but this hot, makes me sick. It’s supposed to be 37oC, real feel of 48oC.heat

If I were outside I think I would melt. So, after doing all my chores, I have eaten lunch and put on my favourite T.V. show so I can start writing. I am 64 pages in. Yes, less progress than I anticipated. But with the thermometer rising, I hope to do a lot of writing.

I am in several writing groups that have writers at my level, or just picking up the craft. This is great encouragement because when I am having writers block I can always check the groups and see what is being discussed or how people are doing. It’s sad that after 15 books I now need some encouragement.

Recently, someone has decided that they need to make people feel like nothing and brag about their success that does not exist. Using a blog to say you are a published writer heatwavemeans nothing. I find this insulting. I blog, but its about my writing process and how some days I hate not being able to write. I self-published 2 books. Nothing fancy, but it makes me happy. Maybe its the heat that is making me annoyed easier than normal.

To top it off, the book I am writing is the only book I am shy talking to others about. Normally I am open for people to read as I write, or ask what is about and tell a quick synopsis. This book is out of my comfort genre and it is challenging. I keep dreaming about parts to come, yet I am nowhere near there. It infuriates me at times. I see where I want to go, but I can never get there right away.

The weather. I am thinking of blaming the weather for making me dream so far ahead and my lack of being able to write to catch up. Why is writing a new genre terrifying? I know I am in control, but still, seems so different. Most of the anxiety and nerves are because the Hubby read a little. I am more terrified of his judgement over my book than anyone else’s.

Well, I must battle the heat and stay close to my fans. They are the only thing keeping me cool next to drinking a lot of water. Time to go force myself to write because I know what is best for my brain.


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