Monday, August 8, 2011 | By: Unknown

Things That Amuse Me Instead of Writing

Yet again, I am in another funk where I cannot write, but want to. I really do. I am not lying. Although, I cannot fully prove it. As I develop where to take my book next, I got distracted and started to look for amusing writing comics.

That is right, I said writing comics.

Here is my favourite, which I shared with my friends. I may be a writer, but everyone should understand this humour. Sorry to those who have already seen it.


I know the feeling because my characters tend to reflect this comic at certain times. I still get a chuckle every time I read and look at this comic.

Next one is so true. I feel bad for my writing books. I abuse them so much. They are in the bed with me, carried with me everywhere, travelled with me and left behind.


Whenever I leave my book behind I feel terrible. The Hubby calls it my safety blanket and I do admit, it is. After ten years of writing and carrying one with me it is. I cannot take the Hubby with me everywhere, so the writing book is still my safety blanket.

Wow, look at my slacking. It is terrible. Thank goodness writing is just my hobby and not my job. I would be failing right now.

Just shy of 100 pages. Failed at getting my goal, but writing a new genre is difficult. I have to resist letting all my old habits appear in the book.

I do have to say, since I self-published, more people have asked how my writing is going. It is great to feel such amazing support. It is like highschool, where I had a lot of people supporting me.My writing is going well. Slow and steady. Yes, I get distracted. I do have a job and other activities that can keep me preoccupied.

It is great to read and see how well all my other writer friends have been doing. Most have been succeeding and are brave enough to share some of their works with others.

Well, time to force myself to write…again…like every night in the past couple weeks.

Enjoy a good laugh if you are a Charles Dickens fan. I really am, that is why this last comic is my display picture for my Megan Held, Author page on Facebook.



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