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Summer T.V. Sucks, But My New Pen Does Not

Intriguing title? Yes?

As summer is almost over I have realized I have paid money for something that I only use to watch the news and a few odd shows when they appear on T.V. Depressing because I like to use T.V. as background noise to write. Yet, when there is nothing on I have to resort to selecting out of hundreds of movies and T.V. series we own.

How do kids nowadays love T.V.? Some of the shows drive me nuts and decrease my current intelligence and makes me livid. When I mean livid, I mean yelling at the T.V. What happened to intelligent T.V.? A silly rhetorical question, I know.

But…as my title of this blog gives away, I am using a new pen.

pentelNormally I use my trusty Pentel pen in blue ink. Yes, everyone, I am a fan of blue ink.

Pens are particularly important to me because I handwrite all my novels first and I need a pen that can last and will not smudge on the paper in my journals.

Journal selection and certain papers are a completely different topic.

So, wanting to test and see what other pens could be used instead of Pentel, which are rather expensive. Especially when the Hubby brings them to work, lets someone borrow it and never gets it back.

My new pen of choice? The Sharpie pen. It is still expensive, but it is good.

sharpie pen

Since I have started using it, I find that it is rather nice and smooth. The fine tip makes my writing a normal size and not large.

The upside I find is that it does not smudge and is water-resistant. No, I do not spill water all over my books. There is the odd chance if I fall asleep writing I drool and that never ends well with ink.

My verdict? The Sharpie pen is a nice change. The ink is a lighter blue, so I have to adjust after using the Pentel pen for almost a decade. (Yes, I just dated myself at the age of 23, well, almost 23). I would recommend people who like a nice pen and are willing to spend the money to give the Sharpie pen a shot.

On another note, this is now my 53rd post. I forgot to do the generic ‘Yeah! I posted 50 boring posts to annoy people!’. There, I just did that.

Back to writing I go with my new pen. Progress has been made. over 130pgs in my new book. Less blood and gore for me, so fans of my current books, if I ever self-publish this one, it is much much different.

Must stay creative. People lack creativity and I don’t want to be part of the new norm. Must rebel and keep myself distracted so I do not annoy the hubby; however, it is fun at times.


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