Monday, August 22, 2011 | By: Unknown

Pages Fly By

No, I am not ignoring the world. I have just been busy…writing. Sure, work and exercising does take up most of my week, but since the hubby has been home my writing amount has increased.

Well, maybe not. I have just reached pg. 125 in my journal. Yes, I still handwrite my novels in journals. It’s more intimate to me. I swear this journal was 250 pgs., but it is only 240.


As it has been said, I am an English major, not a math major. My hand is hurting at the thought of how many pages I have written. I started this book in the mid-late June time. No exact date can be remembered. So, two months in and 125pgs. later. Not bad.

All right, I know this is not a great post, but not much has been said to make fun of myself. Nor has any strange question been asked.

I guess being told I am creepy and scare people with my books is nothing new.

Hmm….maybe someone will ask me a strange question. For now, it is time to return to writing. I have made it this far, I cannot stop now. The book is becoming more intriguing.

What person does not enjoy accomplishing a project at a fast pace?

Well, back to writing. I enjoyed being a guest blogger on a friend’s blog. Nice knowing I can be considered that.

Hopefully strange questions about my books or writing will be asked. Then I will be willing to share.

Back to playing with words. Very powerful things: words .


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