Wednesday, December 29, 2010 | By: Unknown

Back Home

After a much needed vacation, I am not going to complain about everything that I have managed to do on it. Had a great experience doing a couple excursions, met some great people, and had a chance to read and write. Yes people, I did just say those two things: read and write.

Like on every place I go, my writing books come in tow. This place was beautiful, relaxing and was a perfect writing setting while my hubbie decided he was determined to go shell hunting (he did a good job at it too by finding the smallest shells).

My thinking is, how could one not write when it looks this beautiful in the Dominican Republic:


On top of it, I met another writer who gave me some contact info. Oh yes, I did a massive happy dance where it could not be seen. Time to work on making sure my books are fantastic, which gives me more incentive to write more.

I asked hubbie to take pictures of me writing. You can see when I write different parts, and when he broke my concentration. Ready for it?


Concentrated face.


Normal writing face.


Concentration broken by hubbie.


Right back to being concentrated. Look at my forehead, very serious.

Obviously, from these pictures I did manage to write at least ten pages. I am quite please with the amount because I had not planned to write any while I was down there. Let’s hope that for the rest of the break I can keep up with my writing for the break.

But, for everyone that knows the hubbie, he let me buy two writing books down there. I was so excited, they are pretty. Unlined paper, but I do not care, I am going to learn how to write it because people have written on unlined paper long before me.

Seeing as I just came back home today, about 6 hours ago, I think I need to get some food in me, unpack, and prepare to write tonight because now I am home and can concentrate even more, despite what those pictures show. Those were taken on our last day there, where it was surprisingly quiet.


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