Saturday, January 1, 2011 | By: Unknown

Location, location, location and New Year Resolutions

First of all, I will start with the generic boring stuff. New Years Resolutions. No, I do not want to loose weight, to me that is just pointless setting a goal such as "I want to loose (insert number here)lbs." I only have three, two can be combined in a sense. First, I want to actually get the guts to send out a query letter and manuscript to either literary agents or publishers. One would think that would be easy for me, but it is not. I have to become confident in my work and make sure to write the letter as clear and conscise as I can. Second, which is the easiest by the way, finish editing my second novel. I am on Chapter 10, so it is not like I have a long way to go. Third, finish handwriting another novel. I have two on the go, one further in while the other one I am just feeling around yet.

Now that I did the generic stuff, moving on to the "location, location, location" part. The current novel I am editing is not situated in any city. So, I figured I would let my friends and family place imputs on where the novel should take place. This must be a fairly large city, or one of decent size, and should be located in a place where if a person were to drive no longer than 20 minutes they will reach a country area. Suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

The place can be anywhere, preferably in Ontario. Once I get a few options or imput I will then decide. Some places that it could be is Windsor, St. Catharines, Toronto and Ottawa that I can name. If anyone else knows of more cities they wish to suggest, please do.

Seeing as I have updated my blog, its time to get back to writing, or at least reading. Ah yes, I am down to three books out of my eight I started with. No rush for these ones, just time to enjoy. For some people, I will put editing and writing first.

Just remember, suggest locations! Maybe I will even choose the one you suggest, or even where you live.


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