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Wildcard Weekend

Wildcard weekend writing style:

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It's wildcard weekend and anything can happen, such as watching football, reading, writing and editing. What sounds busy is really not that bad. The search for the perfect location for the book I am editing is still ongoing. I think I may leave it till last minute and choose a place that sounds suitable, but may not fully match the description of the city in my book. My goal is to edit at least 2 chapters a week, if school will let me. So far, it has not been that bad. A missing word or two, adding more detail and correcting sentences. What a difference between 1440 and Unknown Caller.

I am enjoying my reading because I am reading my two biggest influences a lot over the holidays: J.D. Robb and Iris Johansen. Love them both and like their style.

Best advice I have seen recently about writing: dialogue is the most important part of the novel next to plot. I have always been a fan of writing a lot of dialogue because it seems more realistic, and I guess I was right about it.

Actual writing is going good. I write at least 2 pages a day, if not more. It's tough to focus with so much going on, but I still intend to get another book done this year. Writing is not that easy when I am busy. I still think people should try to write a novel at least once in their lifetime. It's thrilling, and when it is completed it is the best feeling. The reason I feel that I am not writing as much is because I am trying to determine what direction I should take my one book. Trying to decide on something this big is not easy and must be taken seriously. Laugh all you want, but its like deciding between life or death at times.

But, back to editing and writing I go. I am in one of those moods to write and edit so I best covet the time I have in order to do so. No guarantee when Unknown Caller will be finished, but I am getting there. Same with the query letter's. Grandma gave me some advice to touch it up, and gave me a boost of encouragement because even the greatest writers have been rejected (more than one would actually think).


septembermom said...

Your enthusiasm makes me excited to try and jump back into my novel too. Good luck to you!

Megan Held said...

I loved hearing how I got you excited to jump back into your novel. Good luck to you too! It's nice hearing such compliments and that I am helping you write as well.

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