Sunday, January 16, 2011 | By: Unknown

Stuck between a rock and a hard place

I guess you can either use my post title, or you can say that I am in the gray zone. Why do you ask?
Writer’s block has plagued me and won’t let me go. It’s tough to keep trying to motivate myself. After almost two weeks, I can finally feel myself get back to wanting to write.

New goal for tonight after I finish writing this post: write some of my book. I have already edited about two pages, which is not much, I know, but it is an improvement from my current situation where I could not do any writing.

Now that I finished my little rant about writer’s block plaguing me and suffocating me in its grasp I can return to my initial reason to posting this time, which is why I am in the gray zone.

When it comes to looking for writing advice, any advice I find does not really apply to me. Yes, the advice about how to get published or find an agent is the advice that does apply to me, but when it comes to just writing in general the advice is geared towards people who have never written a novel before. That is the problem.

I am no Charles Dickens or Jane Austen, but I am still able to say I have a fair bit of novel writing under my belt. Sometimes, experienced writers do need advice; whether it be how to get back into writing, or how to move on when writing a tough part.

Alas, I guess I shall have to remain in the gray zone for quite some time, or at least until I get published. Not much else I can do, except for pushing myself to get back into writing. No one can motivate a person more than the person themself.


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