Wednesday, January 12, 2011 | By: Unknown

Writing Advice #1

Seeing as I am an aspiring author I rely on writing advice from online. There is a vast amount of advice; it is just difficult to decipher the helpful from the pointless. So, I figured as I update about my writing, and how I get really frustrated most of the time at my books because of what decisions I have to make, and how I have to change the character, that I would also post some advice I find during my research.

Thus far, I have found several sites that start off with saying the same first point of advice. The way the writers stated it was not interesting, so I found a great video on youtube that involves Stephen King. Enjoy his advice, it made me smile and laugh at the same time, because at the end, it describes how I viewed some books while I grew up and was doing the bulk of my writing.

Okay, now that my fun is over, back to doing some writing. Not feeling the editing tonight, but I will make time for reading because if I don’t-well, I think Stephen King said it the best.


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