Saturday, January 29, 2011 | By: Unknown

Inspiration to start writing

Sometimes even the greatest writer has problems beginning writing. Writing is not something that authors take delicately. It’s our other jobs. It is something that takes over our lives at times and when we cannot get the process starting for the day it takes a toll.

With me still being a “novice” but experienced writer I have learnt how to get myself inspired. Next to the sound of a TV show that you have seen many times, other sources such as movies and music can help start the writing mind.

First, I turn to music. One song  in particular can get me ready to write the happiest or twisted part. The song is “What Lies Beneath” by Breaking Benjamin.


No matter what, I am drawn to this song. It makes me feel like I am becoming someone else. No longer am I the happy Megan that I typically am, but I turn into the writer that needs to exist in order to write some of my books.

At times, that even fails and I have to move on to something else to get me inspired. In my apartment an endless collection of movies exist. I am not a writer that can write in the quiet. Quiet creeps me out. After the hubby and I have expanded our movie collection, I have discovered a new favourite when writing my books. None of my books is about love, so any love movie is ruled out, same goes for comedy. The movie I am talking about is:


Yes, “Edge of Darkness” is a fantastic movie and I like it for the fact that it is not what it seems. It is complex and keeps you thinking at all times, just like what I want my writing to be like. Not generic and always getting you to think and read more.

I guess what I am trying to show here is that every writer at some point will have a need to be inspired. It is just choosing the best method to inspire you is what is difficult. I have 10 years of writing under my belt (not impressive seeing as none of the novels are actually professionally published) and I have learnt that what you choose has to reflect your style of writing. And, well, mine will always remain the mystery/thriller genre and I love it.


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