Saturday, August 21, 2010 | By: Unknown


So, finally reached page 150 typing. My fingers hurt a little, but for not being in a typing mood, typing up nearly 15 pages in one night is a good sign. Hubby kept telling me to type when I got distracted, but I still reached my goal.

In the handwriting front I filled my HUGE 192 page writing book down to the very last line. Now I am writing in a much nicer, portable and smaller book. Less weight, but means just more little books to fill up before I finish this novel.

Everything that I am doing right now writing wise is making progress. Just have to be a little patient with myself when I am not in the mood to do any writing or typing. Lets hope I can accomplish more this week then last week. It would be a good sign with my writing. Open-mouthed smile


Brian R Cline said...


Do you listen to music while you work? When I spend time programming, I usually listen to Jazz and sip on a hot drink like hot chocolate, coffee, etc.


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