Sunday, July 25, 2010 | By: Unknown
Decisions...decisions. Yesterday I may a big one and told Shawna and the hubby that I just had to kill off a main character in my one book, maybe too. Hubby's reaction: "Are you going to kill me off in the book?" Me: "No honey, you survive." Hubby: "Good." and he walked away lol Love the support. Typing is taking its sweet time. I am still aiming for it being out by my birthday aka Shawna, around your birthday too :D Hubby agrees gives me time to process.

On to page 90 of typing. Yeah progess! Hopefully about 50 pages left of handwritting to go for the book that is still nameless. Grrr bad book.

Best compliment: "You book is so addictive. I don't want to stop reading it."

And what I was thinking inside my head: "Yes! My books may have a shot!"

Very high hopes I know. But meh. lol

Have fun reading, and if you want to make demands, aka Shawna, you can post them as of now :P
Love you guys!


sweetie said...

i just want to see how you will kill this character.
you better have the book out by our birthday i dont want to wait that long to see the final cut:P
the more often that you type the faster you will get it out and i will keep betting you with book till i see it:)

love you too:P

your lover

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