Monday, October 25, 2010 | By: Unknown

One week today!

So I am pretty much ready to go and place down all my stuff for the book showing. The books will hopefully arrive no later than monday so I may just have to pick them up after work.

About the author and the novel should be completed tonight and will get Grandma to revise. She loves novels and being involved so I could not say no. The husband helped organize and decide what tables each section printed off should go in. Looks pretty good! Once everything is set up I will provide pictures for all to see on here, and on facebook too. Not all people will go, which is understanding.

With all this work and excitement I have begun writing again. Writer's Block is gone! Much needed break from writing but now I am itching to finish the book. The needing to end it is taking over my dreams.

And if everything goes well after this month I will push hard to self-publish another one of my books.

One week everyone!!!! Hope that people will go take a look at it and even buy a drink from Fine Grind. Fantastic drinks there for both coffee lovers and people who don't like coffee!


sweetie said...

its going to be awsome hun cant wait

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