Sunday, November 21, 2010 | By: Unknown


My facebook page is gaining people faster than I expected. over 85 people now, and I am just shocked. For most of the people I went to highschool with, most were familiar with 1440, and my obsession with writing. Guess that hasn't changed much.

Hubby made a comment that he likes me better when I only have one book on the brain. Ops, my bad. Kind of working on finishing typing up one, which I have reached over 200 pages as of today, as well as handwriting two other ones. Let's hope that after I do my homework tomorrow night (sh...I did not do any today but hey, two 1 page assignments is nothing compared to the 5-30 page essays and projects I had at Brock) I can complete at least 10 pages. Good goal hubby orginally set when I tended to ask him often how many pages to type.

Sadly, the laptop died so the desktop is where I type now; which makes it a little difficult to listen to my music. I could use my iPod, but then I feel like I would be ignoring hubby more than usual while writing. Difficult for me because I do love writing to Breaking Benjamin. Just the way the songs are get me all hyped up to write the dark stories.

On the handwriting note, I am writing out an older book I was working on in to a newer book because I abused the original book it was in a little too much. For those who have seen me write they know how I tend to abuse my books because I bring them with me everywhere.

When it comes to the upcoming days I still have not seen anyone buy my book at the cafe, but I check up at least a couple times a week. Still shocking to see sections of my book displayed, whether people are reading it or not. As well, vacation is 30 days away, where I can read at least 5 novels and write in the sun. Hopefully not falling asleep in the sun doing either. A nice sunny place to write more dark, twisted novels. Suitable? I do think so. Do not expect too much writing to be done, I do need a vacation to replenish the mind. Maybe on the trip I will be able to think of the name of the book I am a chunk in to writing. Nothing has popped up in my head yet, but it is still early on.

Once again, thank you to everyone for the support. I know I say it a lot, but it is true.


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