Wednesday, November 10, 2010 | By: Unknown

New Book Being Written

Just for all you followers, here is a little taste of the new book I am writing. Do not fear, I am still typing up my other one. So, enjoy. This is the opening:

      The feeling. How can one describe it? Orgasmic? Insatiable? No, fulfilling. I needed this, in some way or another. Sitting back on his thighs I looked down at my masterpiece. Just another fool that fell for it. Taking a deep breath I closed my eyes to enjoy it. Each breath allowed me to experience a new feeling: his going limp inside me, my sweat cooling on my warm body and his body not moving. Looking down at him I felt nothing. He was just a person used to fulfill my need. My gloved hands were soaked with his blood. The knife clamped in my gloved right hand dripped of his blood. It was dark in the room but I knew that there was blood everywhere. The smell filled my nose and gave me a rush of adrenaline, it was becoming orgasmic, much like the moment of killing him had been like.

     He had taken more effort to get him to the point of being killed. I had to go out of my normal methods and adapt which could lead to my risk of being caught. Yet, I was prepared. There was never a time that I was not prepared if I had to go further. It was not difficult to convince them to go back to their place, it never was. Tight dresses, sexy lingerie under them, high heels, make-up and knowing how to talk. Teasing worked too, just when to start and for how long was a challenge at times. Tonight he needed a lot of teasing because the alcohol did not hit him like the others. More effort, more wasted time.

     Looking down at him one last time I decided to get off of his limp body. A procedure needed to be followed. Too much DNA had been left on him, and I could not be caught just yet. I dressed quickly. Time was running out, and sleep was needed. His body would stay the way he was positioned. I moved over towards my purse and opened up one of the side compartments. In there was everything I needed to disguise what I had to do in order to get the satisfaction I needed. My routine clean up after every time was no more than five minutes. Just fast enough to escape, but not too fast that I left evidence behind. My method had been perfected years ago, and now it allows me to get what I need more often than I used to be able to fulfill it. Redressing I put away my cleaning supplies in the large purse I brought with me, slipped into my shoes and walked out of the room still wearing gloves. Looking back at him I smiled.


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