Thursday, November 25, 2010 | By: Unknown

Dedication Decided

I have not fully finished the book yet, but I figured the dedication needs to be announced. I had one before, yet it did not seem fitting with the book. This will sound strange, after working out and taking a shower I figured out who to dedicate the book to. Like always, I called my mom to let her be the first one to know.

I know that this is not going to be the best book out there, but it does not mean it does not deserve a nice dedication. After calling my mom to let her know she has approved it and now I can post it.

First of all, sorry to all my friends. My book is not dedicated to you guys. Here is the dedication:

This novel is for my Grandpa: Joseph Fernand St. Louis, 0ctober 26, 1926—January 10, 2007. He had once said that every good story had a dark side to it.
Now, I hope it is obvious why I chose him. Good news is, deciding on the dedication does not hinder my writing it actually encourages.
I am sure if I keep plugging away at my typing I will make great progress with it. Put in my writing movie, Finding Forrester, brewed my tea and am now ready to type. Not much to update on just yet. Still have not moved past page 201. That should change tonight.


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