Sunday, January 8, 2012 | By: Unknown

Been Busy, But I Managed to Type

Life is nuts and busy right now and what I am taking is making me strange. So things are not going as I would like. I have written very little, which is normal once I reach over 200 pages of a novel. I need a break from it, just like some people do from work or studying.

I am over 30 pages in my typing of Murder Never Dies. Love the title that my friend made for me. It is going well and I know for sure that I will need to edit like mad. There is more to add.

On top of this all I am busy with football. My Ravens are in the playoffs, big deal because I have fans of the Steelers and need to challenge them.

But, writing is not happening as much. I am a little furious and accepting of it. What writer has not felt this way?

Oh yes, New Years Resolution should go in here. Normally I have one of writing, like finishing writing and typing a book in one year. I know this is going to happen, so why waste a goal when it always happens? I could go for loosing weight, but that is not happening until my health gets figured out. This year, my goal is…wait for it…to be more positive!

Fantastic, right? I have been more positive since New Years and can see it in the customers I work with. It makes a difference. Now I can waste all my negative energy in book writing because I write better that way, and stay positive.

I promise to blog more once the writing mind gets the juices flowing. Stupid  writing lull.

Keep writing and reading. Never give up on being creative.


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