Tuesday, December 27, 2011 | By: Unknown

Sales Make Writing/Typing Easier

With Christmas comes sales. I am a sucker for sales. I do not make much money, aka minimum-wage and like to be careful with what I buy.

This year the hubby and I splurged and upgraded out T.V. It is a nice T.V. and was a well-deserved gift to each other. And, thanks to the sales, it was affordable.

But, the two things I bought that make a difference is a wireless keyboard and mouse. It is extremely helpful. I type better on a keyboard and our desktop keyboard is meant only for the desktop, so I cannot detach it and use it on my laptop.

With a wireless keyboard I can use it for my laptop and stay focused on typing and not get distracted with the internet.  Now I can lie down and type without hurting my side; which makes a big difference when I am in pain. Plus, it keeps me amused when I get bored…which happens a lot.

Now I can type when I cannot think of what to handwrite, and do my best to do this whenever I get bored. Typing, not blogging of course.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday season, even if people are still celebrating. Back to typing and enjoying my hour or two of Skyrim.

Being a writer as a hobby costs money, one day I hope it pays off.  What a big dream, I know.


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