Sunday, December 11, 2011 | By: Unknown

To be a Dork, or Not to be a Dork? That is the Question

It has come to my recent attention that I am rather dorky. Shocking, I know. One would think my hobby of writing would have been a clue, but nope, it was my Planet of the Apes excitement.

That is right, I loved the new one and cannot wait to buy it. Yet, my fascination did not begin with the recent one, I remember watching at least 3 of the original ones growing up. What can I say, my parents liked to watch those movies with me.

On top of that, I am a walking dictionary/speller. It happens when all you do is write…or I would hope because words are highly important when writing.

Now I am so off my train of thought. Well, as of 3pm today I started my two days off work. That is right, I don’t get weekends off from work and I don’t care. To me it doesn’t matter when my two days off occur.

So, with my two days of, I have plenty of time to dork-it-out (high hopes that this will catch on). I want to write (obviously) and play some Skyrim (obviously) and go buy Rise of the Planet of the Apes (another obviously), but maybe I may go out and write somewhere. I know! Shocker!

The hubby is visiting family and I get antsy being home alone. So, on top of working out I still feel bored. I am like my mother, what can I say.

I just feel that writing at home does not make me write or type all that much. I get distracted and want to do things that is not writing. I understand that I am taking 5 days off for Christmas, but with visiting family I won’t get much done. It may be that time again to set goals, but NOT Nanowrimo goals.

Well, I guess  I plan to dork-it-out because that is just me. I have been this way since I went to HT (my highschool). I guess I can play some Skyrim and write tonight. Two of my dorky, addictive loves. The joys of being done school and not having exams.


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