Thursday, December 22, 2011 | By: Unknown

It's the Holidays...and I am Having Writer's Block

The blasted thing has plagued me again. Writer's Block. I am off for almost a week and like normal, planned to do some writing. Alas, that is not happening. I have written four paragraphs. Measly amounts for me.

It seems with my book I have hit a brick wall. Nothing is coming out. I was doing so well. Christmas is a time where I can relax and spend time writing.

Well, that's not happening. I am going to be busy the next few days. Not complaining, but I do need to write.

Some people do not understand that being a writer one needs to keep writing. A day or two off is no problem. I have been writing since I was 12 and now it is a problem whenever I do not keep writing at least a few nights/days a week.

So, I hope tonight can be a night where I write a little more before the holiday gets rather busy for me.

On a side note, I wanted to wish everyone Happy Holidays and I apologize about my lack of blogging. Stupid health issues tend to do that to me it seems.

Oh! Nearly forgot! I have sold 12 e-books. 11 for 1440 and 1 for Unknown Caller. I feel like I have accomplished something. Yeah, I know, that is not that many, but for me it is a big deal.  Maybe one day I will see that amount as minor, hence the word maybe. For now, I will think it is a big deal.


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