Monday, December 5, 2011 | By: Unknown

Completed Nanowrimo, Now Back to Normal Life

I am honestly considering never doing that again. That was way, way too much.

Back to normal life it is. I haven’t written or typed since Nanowrimo. I need a little mental break, plus health issues came up. For once in my life, something is actually wrong with me and I HATE it. Eek! Do not even get me started.

But, I still work and live life. Just cannot work out as well as I like. Got back to the gym and then Bam! no luck. I keep a goal of 3-4 times a week, but that can be altered due to what I have.

Yet, with the holiday season coming around my work quiets down a little bit, which means I will have more energy to write/type at night. Maybe over the winter season I can finish typing and writing two books.  How awesome would that be?

My goal is to continue self-publishing a book a year. Like normal. No way am I self-promoting to increase my sales. Too much work, plus, I do it just for my family and me.

Since Nanowrimo, I slack at motivation and keep procrastinating. Want to know why?


Skyrim happened. I have tried playing and well, suck at it, but the hubby keeps playing and it is quite amusing. Intelligent, long, fantastic game to watch. As well, reading has been happening as of late. Finished a novel by Kay Hooper and one by Michael Connelly.

I figure as the time goes I will get back in to my habit of writing. It is amazing to see how books have evolved since I was a teenager and often wonder why, at Brock U, they never offered a creative writing-novel course. They offered it for short stories and poetry. Hmmm….ponder.

See! Distractions are everywhere. Terrible. Today I set the goal to keep blogging and to argue with my mind to get back to typing and writing. No more slacking. Time to function…in a more pleasing way than studying and writing essays ever did.

The struggle of being a writer: trying not to distract oneself. Alas, that never quite works out well.


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