Friday, November 25, 2011 | By: Unknown

Never Writing This Much Again Unless Being Paid

There, I have said it. I never want to write this much again….while possessing a full-time job of course. It is hard to get myself into a routine to write a lot at night when I am tired and ready for bed.
Sure, if I had all day to write this would be no problem. In fact, I would probably write more, but alas, reality beckons and I have a full-time job to pay the bills.
No, I am not whining, just merely stating a fact. Hand-writing 50k is a lot to do. Damn me and being a traditionalist and liking to handwrite. Maybe once I am done my other 20 blank journals I will move to typing or using a tablet. One never knows what the future holds, other than handwriting hurts the hand.
Well, in other news, an outside person from my circle of family and friends has read Unknown Caller and the only thing I hear through the grapevine is: “It was deep”.
Well, of course it was. I don’t want my books to not have substance to them and not have a little me in it. I am sure years down the road this will change, but at the age of 17 (when I originally wrote that), putting a lot of me in a book was what I did.
Okay, okay. I am a terrible procrastinator. Time to eat brunch and get writing.


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