Monday, November 14, 2011 | By: Unknown

Eek! Forgetting to Blog

I set this up to talk about my writing and how it is going.

Now look what happens when I start writing, I FORGET to blog. Such a terrible thing to have happen. The only upside is, I have written ALOT.nanowrimo logo

Since starting the whole Nanowrimo adventure, my hand has been frantically writing. It’s amazing having written over 20,000 words. Normally this would take a couple months.

I am not going to lie, it is really hard to do this and work full-time. I have to devote hours and sometimes, I can’t because I get distracted or cannot think of what to write next.

Thank goodness I am not professionally published because I do not know what I would do. This challenge is amazing, but difficult for those who work 40 hours a week.

Some people are even done their 50,000 word mark at day 13. What the hell? My max is 4,000 words in one night.

I am just imagining writing that much and how many novels I could pump out. That would be amazing. New goal, write like a fiend.

But, I think I will take this challenge again next year. If this existed in highschool, I would have made that goal mark so easily. Writing was all I did then. 2-3 novels a year.


My novel is being really nice to me, not so nice to the characters. I do admit I ask friends a question because the decision is too tough. The hubby I ask too.

But, time to eat and get my butt back into writing. I only wonder, who the hell will get my writing books after I die? I am already over 30 books written in. Fun question to ponder….

See how distracted I get? Alas, goal of writing 2-3,000 words is in place today. I would say wish me luck, but for those who know me, they know the answer to that.


Evamarie said...

I know the feeling of Nano. I'm struggling to stay caught up. I went to my first write-in and the ML there told me that last year she wrote 186,000 in one month. I told her she was a crazy person. It's mindblowing.

Megan Held said...

I don't have that much time in a day to write that much in a month. I enjoy sleeping. That is insane. To me, that is two entire novels in one month. My hands and mind cringe at the thought of writing that much.

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