Tuesday, January 10, 2012 | By: Unknown

Writing/Typing Again

Yeah! It has felt like forever. No, literally, FOREVER (caps dedicated to my mom who uses them to emphasize things).excitement

Whenever I hit a dry spell and do not write or even type a novel I feel different. Almost like a Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde complex without the release of my animalistic urges. Writing is a release and I enjoy doing it.

Plus, it keeps me focused and makes sure my brain works. Being out of school worries me, but as the hubby explained, I love dorky shows that teach me new information.

Currently, I got a wish that I could talk to my old highschools Writer’s Craft class. I loved that class….it should be obvious why. But, then I got to thinking, what would I tell to young writers?

I don’t have a big publishing contract; instead, I self-publish, more so to keep my writing personal. Plus, I remember having guest speakers and some were fantastic, others not so much. How can I make writing seem fun and a great thing to continue doing?

Eek! Time to pass out.

The hubby is the better speaker than me. I get nervous, lose my wording and talk way to fast.

All I can think of is how writing has helped me become who I am. For those just taking the class just to take it with no interest in it may not understand my p-o-v on writing.

Writing allows me to cover up things I cannot get out otherwise. It lets me release emotions instead of taking it out on others. It lets me express who I am and my interests.

Plus, the feeling of completely a novel is amazing. Such a large work, so much time and effort placed into it is surely one of the best feelings of satisfaction. Iheartbook am still amazed after 15 books.

Now with the internet, there are ways for people to self-publish and own a hard copy and e-book copy of their own writing. It does not have to be professional material, it just has to be yours. Having something that personal is great and motivates for goals to be accomplished. With so much pressure on teens nowadays, achieving such things is difficult.

All I can remember is being the kid that wrote. It was my hobby. I just want people to feel like I do.  It also increase writing skills, intelligence, feeling of satisfaction, time-management and self-worth.

No matter what, I encourage people to write and want them all to do better than me. Who wouldn’t?

Well, enough of my rant. Back to typing I go. My books don’t write themselves.


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