Monday, September 19, 2011 | By: Unknown

To Write or to Type?…That is the Question

I have been telling myself that I will blog more, but the life of a writer is not as amusing or full of interesting things to talk about.
I write. Its not like I can describe everything I write about every day or couple of days. That would give away my story and bore people.
To change up my writing, and to give my hand and mind a break from writing too much I am considering typing up my novel Murder Never Dies. This novel was a pleasure to write, but will more then likely be a pain-in-the-ass to type up.
My handwriting is not neat and I tend to miss words and use poor grammar. It happens when you write what you think and not spend hours trying to edit right away.
There is another option if I chose to continue writing: give my current novel a title. I suck at giving my books titles. It is hard to do. I know it is just a working title because I would not be upset if someone wanted to change the majority of them. Nevertheless, if I put enough attention into it, I could name the book.
Being 175pgs into my current novel one would think I could name it. Nope. No way. Its taunting me. So, if I cannot name it, nor spend too much time writing it, I guess typing would be a good idea.
See how boring the turmoils of a writer is? Type or write?
Yes, I know I write my books out by hand, otherwise it would not have been an issue deciding what one to do. It would have been easier to alternate. But, I will continue to write. See how much more I can get done before I need a break.
And I promise, less graphic, seeing as too many people are complaining that 1440 was far too graphic.


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